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Back to school – bullying

By alex on August 31, 2004

Bullying can be a problem for any kid or teenager in school or college, but for those of us on the autistic spectrum it can be harder to cope with and to resolve. A good site for advice is . Their motto is "Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others." They have a lot of useful information on the site and have various initiatives like an awareness week. They also have a good link for...


Back to school – coping with stress

By alex on August 28, 2004

Many will be going back to school or college already or will start shortly. This can be a stressful time, its better to try and tackle stressful issues as they arise, rather than wait until any problem becomes over-whelming. A good site with some useful infomation is . They have advice on various points to help people cope in life. The site has an area for stress reduction-

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Finding Peace in the Office

By alex on July 25, 2004

Like any social situation, a professional environment is bound to have its good and bad apples. There is no rule that says that once you find a job, you will enjoy working with each of your coworkers. In fact, you are bound to run into a colleague who irritates or even offends you. In these situations, it often becomes your responsibility to maintain a professional attitude. Here are some common types of “nightmare coworkers” and tips on...


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