Hi! New here... (NT in love with an aspie :))

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Yesterday, 7:14 am

Hi all,

Just registered here and am already reading a lot of usefull info!
I'm in a relationship with an undiagnosed aspie (he is a bit in denial, but a lot of what i read about asperger's and the troubles and joys and little quirks we go through are so recognisable...)
A dutch AS forum pulled me through the first years, but i see this forum is a lot more active, i like that!

What i hope to find here is getting to know AS better, to give me some tools in our relationship.
We've gone through a lot already, and i can happily say we found our way and cope with our differences quite well now. But now and then we still bump into things that are hard to explain to eachother when you're on different planets.
So hope i can ask you for advice now and then, or read about your points of view and how you perceive things.
And maybe meet some fellow NTs that love an AS and share our experiences.

English is not my first language, so pardon me if something is unclear or grammatically incorrect.


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Yesterday, 11:39 am

Welcome! In glad you found WP! :D

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Yesterday, 12:04 pm

Welcome! I hope this site is helpful to you. :)

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Yesterday, 3:18 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :D

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Today, 2:31 am

For someone whose first language isn't English, you sure write it as though it were. :D

Either way, welcome to WP on my behalf. c:

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Today, 2:49 am

i see no problems with your english so far. netherlanders in general seem to have a strong grip on the language from what i can gather, so good for you all. :P

welcome. hope this place can be of any help to you both. maybe it already has.

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