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Yesterday, 11:26 pm

(You can skip to the 2nd to last block of text if you like, to be honest XD The first few chunks is mostly just me rambling a lot, I started losing focus at some point)

Heyo! I just made my account, but you can call me Ren! I've been visiting this site for quite a while after being informed about autism. I have been going to weekly therapy at school for a lot of depression and anxiety related reasons, but after thinking about my past experiences (as well as a parent-teacher conference I can vaguely remember from my "childhood" [I say "childhood" as I am still a teen, 15 in fact] where they mentioned my love for textures and saying they couldn't do much because I was academically fine), I realized I may have a form of autism. While I am perfectly fine with this, I do kind of wonder, how would my life be different if me and my family where told about it more during that conference? I only found out what autism acctually is last year!

Anyway, I have trouble making (and keeping) friends because honestly? Sometimes it's exhausting. I don't know why, I love my friends to death, but I usually can't find the words to say or the strength to acctually be social whenever they want to.
(Also I occasionally act a bit offensive and/or defensive, huhuuu...)

I feel like a rambled a bit, why not introduce yourselves to me and talk about the community here? I'd be pretty interested to know what it's like being on this site, just looking at the forum posts have made me feel at home already! ^w^

(BTW, I'm 20% Neurotypical according to a test I took online. Couldn't tell you where, but it was extensive)


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Today, 9:16 am

Welcome, mate. Feel at home

You can see for yourself what it's like. For me, its a place to discuss issues related to whatever syndrome you might have... but it's also a good place for discussions in general. At times, you get so much freedom of speech and expression around here, that you forget all the difficulties you might be facing in everyday life. It's so refreshing. It's like therapy


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Today, 9:57 am

Hello there. I hope you enjoy the place.

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