Struggling to keep on top of it all

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17 Jul 2017, 5:48 pm

So my problem at the moment is that I feel utterly overwhelmed with everything. Working and commuting and keeping my apartment clean and things organised.I find it hard to remember to bring everything I need out with me too. I like lists but I forget to make them and will leave things out sometimes which is funny in a way but annoying mostly.

I work in a call centre environment and, although I have some comfort items that I can have with me at my desk without drawing attention to myself, I am drained by the environment alone. It gets so loud and the damn lights just have me feeling off the entire time. Now I like my job ok enough and enough of the people are cool that I have that to soften things but overall I think I'm being slowly slowly buried alive by this thing called responsibility.

Every few weeks I manage to break free a little and remind myself I've been through a lot and have a disability and should chill but it keeps happening, I keep getting buried with the sheer stress of having a full time job.

The gym and fitness is my special interest, its pretty much my whole life and I'm able to go regularly but I'm just exhausted from doing so much.

How do other people cope with the demands of adulthood? I have a blanket I like and music to block things out. I try to rest when I can.

When executive dysfunction, heat induced lack of sleep and overall exhaustion combine I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle and I feel like nothing will ever be easy.

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17 Jul 2017, 8:55 pm



support group

but seriously i could not imagine working at a call center. nobody would hire me for that kind of job. and if they did they would fire me immediately.

call center jobs sound totally unnatural for the autistic personality.


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18 Jul 2017, 12:19 pm

It sounds like maybe you should start looking for a new job, or maybe see about getting less hours(though don't know if you can afford that or if its even an option where you work). But maybe you could find something a bit less overwhelming and stressful. I don't suggest you put in a two weeks notice right away, but maybe at least start looking at other jobs as an option..see what job ads are in your area.

If it is a long commute perhaps there is something closer...I mean you don't want your entire life while your not at work to be spent exhausted and miserable, I mean sure you're going to be tired on work days but long term exhaustion can do a lot more damage than a person might realize.

I have a dishwashing job, and whilst its more physically active than a call center...I think I'd be a lot more exhausted after work than I am now at a call center especially if it was full time.

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Yesterday, 8:45 am

What I've generally done is walk away from my desk and go outside for a walk.
Then come back and work again.

It clears my mind and allows me to get through the day.
Hope that helps you.