Principle who assaulted aspie gets his job back

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23 Sep 2017, 5:41 pm

Parents 'concerned' as principal guilty of assaulting pupil returns to school

SOME PARENTS HAVE told of their concern that a principal found guilty of assaulting a pupil with Asperger’s syndrome has returned to his former role.
Other parents and members of staff, however, are understood to be supportive of his return

The principal, who works at a school in the south of the country, was found guilty but not convicted of assaulting the child, according to court reports in the Irish Times and Irish Examiner.
The incident occurred in June 2014 and led to the principal being suspended from his role.
He was given a conditional discharge under the Probation Act arising out of exceptional circumstances, and also an undertaking to be of good behaviour and to take an anger management course, the Irish Times reported in March 2016.

The judge accepted that the principal was “overworked and understaffed… had an exceptional record and was well-respected”, reported The Irish Times.

The judge said that the principal had “no lawful excuse” for his actions, but that he accepted what happened was “totally out of character” for the man, the Irish Times reported.

There are a number of children with autism and special needs at the school.

No "safe space" from a lot more than microaggressions for autistic kids in that school.

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