Do you measure time passed and time going forward?

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Yesterday, 11:15 pm

I think about the amount of time passed and look to the future to see what age I will be in the same amount of time. For example, the 1950s were 60 years ago. In that same amount of time in another 60 years it will be the 2070s. In the 2070s, all of us 20 somethings will be in our 80s. That is pretty scary when you think about it. The 1950s were a long time ago but they also weren't. When we talk about the 1950s we consider it modern history. Many people who lived through and who were born in the 1950s are still living today. We don't consider people born in the 50s that old. They are only in their 60s. It's just interesting and scary to think about how short life really is. My parents were born in the 1960s which was 50 years ago. In that same amount of time I will be in my 70s.