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03 Aug 2017, 3:58 pm

Feelings are a means to an end. If their feelings toward you are not hate, disgust, or pity there is less chance they will mistreat or persecute you. It is the job of people not to mistreat or persecute other people. If they like you, you might be treated well. Trying to influence others to feel better or at least less hostile towered you is in your self-interest. Why is it a treated as offensive or a character flaw (whiney, SJW) when autistics try to do it but when millions are spent to sell a product it is considered perfectly acceptable and normal?

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12 Aug 2017, 9:52 pm

Ganondox wrote:
johnnyh wrote:
Hmmm, I wonder why it has become an insult, and why youtube videos with autistic people are flooded with troll comments. Now, if it was always that way, I wouldn't have any leads to why. But it didn't happen as much a decade ago. I wonder, there is such a thing as the streissand effect, and trolls, like snipers, go after targets they can see, so painting a big red target on your chest and screaming "try and shoot me! I am invincible! I am bulletproof! This chest is a sign of my pride and indentity!" they will aim at you.

On the plus side, at least whoever they used to target, I don't know, maybe it was furries, have been forgotten about. But I don't know if that was such a good trade off. Like a human sacrificing their life to save a drowning rat.

No, it's entirely due to a single individual who became a meme, Chris Chan, then stupid kids who knew nothing about Chris Chan or autism started picking up the insult from others.

As much as we are ideological opponents, on this we can both agree Chris Chan having his computer smashed years ago and prevented any internet access would have saved so much pain and anguish for many people both autistic and non-autistic.

The weight of his actions is incredibly severe. He did not just only make a fool of himself, he provoked "autism" becoming an insult. Fortunetly this is confined to the west. Other countries don't use "austistic" as an insult. (Yet...)

I want to apologize to the entire forum. I have been a terrible person, very harsh and critical.
I still hold many of my views, but I will tone down my anger and stop being so bigoted and judgmental. I can't possibly know how you see things and will stop thinking I know everything you all think.