What's the deal with the asexual autistic stereotype?

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10 Oct 2017, 6:23 pm

Despite the fact that asexuals actually make up quite a small amount of the population (a minority in a minority if you will) it seems to be common for people to associate autism with asexuality, but why is this? :?

Now, although I am aware that not everyone on the autism spectrum is asexual, it still seems like a common enough assumption, to the point where quizzes like the "Aspie quiz" have questions like "Are you asexual?".

So... what's the deal?

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10 Oct 2017, 6:46 pm

For many Aspies it's hard getting to know girls or getting into relationships, for some it's very hard just to talk to girls. It doesn't mean they are asexual, just really really nervous and unsure how to approach girls. Most people would just assume an Aspie like that is asexual, especially if they are getting a bit old. I know a lot of very nice gentle guys like that I would think would be perfect in relationship.

For me it has never been been that difficult getting girls attention or interacting with them. But I grew up among lots girls and many of them gave some very clear confirmations they liked me. I had a lot of practice and time to learn.


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11 Oct 2017, 1:15 pm


When I was 25, someone (about 14) asked if I had a girlfriend. At the park

At the mall, a girl told me "you are cute". She was about 14 and I was 25

When I was 21 a 61 year old told me he had a crush on me.

When I was 18 a 17 year old wanted to be my boyfriend.


Other than that nobody told me they had a crush on me



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12 Oct 2017, 8:24 pm

People mistook asociality, social anxiety, disregard for the conventional (in terms of gender roles, concept of gender, and sexuality as whole), lack of appreciation towards certain concepts of maturity (mainly about sexualization and relationships), and delayed social/emotional development (which also accounts for being naïve and childish) for asexuality. :|

Not to mention the huge misconception about lacking empathy and not having emotions, therefore with the conclusions of having no sex drive. :evil: Just like with the stupid belief that autistics cannot be depressed or anxious.
Then other implications of being asexual with the misconceptions of not desiring romance and having relationships...

.. And I'm one of those asexuals, who happened to be apathetic towards romance and sex, who couldn't appreciate certain types of maturity and is somewhat socially and emotionally delayed.
My body doesn't feel 'it', and hence being asexual regardless how interested or desperate I may become, even if I were an overly feminine NT or a desperate aspie, there's no 'drive'. It's about what it felt, not what is done nor want.

**My** own Points.

-Anger drives me, not fear or anxiety.
-Either I'm active but odd like any child or the usual aloof of an adult.
-No references. But that does not mean I'm ignorant: just apathetic enough not to have an opinion!
-My current culture is practically THE Global Expert to the subject of 'Passing'. Not that I'm proud of it... So I knew what IS the difference between coping and adaptation, between acting and integrating, between cultures a double life-like and cultures becoming a part of yourself.
-It matters naught: You are human. If not, then you are mortal.
-I have yet to translate my knowledge to Verbal Terms.
-I'm so bored, I'll just go random and rant nonsense that may or may not make any sense.

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18 Oct 2017, 7:28 am

I'm not really sure why these two are combined. There must be some study about it, with proper statistical analysis. I'm an autistic asexual, but I have no idea how common it is in general. Is it more common in women maybe? I personally know 2 guys on the spectrum who are rather hypersexual.


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19 Oct 2017, 12:48 pm

Because we might seem not interested in having a relationship or actually not be interested in having one. Sexual thoughts and libido is something else - and they can be fulfilled without being shared with anybody.
There might also be problem with touch sensitivities - many autistic people don't like to be touched, at least by people we are not really close to - and being socially awkward doesn't go well with creating close relationships.

I wonder how to call myself. I believe I am hypersexual, my head is full of dirty thoughts and I like being erotic. But at the same time you might call me asexual because I just can't stand body fluids and smell of the other person. I love being touched but I dislike touching, especially when there is sweat, cum or saliva involved. It's a turn off. I wonder if my sensitivities are that bad, I am asexual or I am simply doing it with a wrong person(maybe it's the "chemistry" issue?).