It's Not the End of the World, but Rather a New Beginning

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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28 Feb 2017, 1:02 am

I know this may sound offensive, but I realized this after since talking to many people that are considered normal (no one really is normal) who have no friends at all. Having no friends does not make you a bad person. I'm honest about this! It does not! People love being around other people who can handle themselves on their own first before being around others.

Even some of the most sociable people have no friends. They are probably the people who you hear dealing with back-talking, and they even can handle heavy rejection. If you want to keep a good group of friends, be independent. I understand as children keeping a good set of friends was great, but as an adult constantly thinking of ways to depend on other people is going to only drag your soul and your energy down.

I am really getting tired of so much people here beating themselves up all over this. It is not the end of the world. Look at our current presidents:

George W. Busch was made fun of constantly
Barrack Obama was made fun of constantly
Donald Trump... Oh and you can see this beginning.

They all agreed that family and your own well being was more valuable than impressing a large group of strangers.


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01 Mar 2017, 7:09 am

Being lonely used to bother me but the nice thing about doing "Alone" means that you get to set your own schedule and be independent. It also means a few things:

1. Practice your social skills
2. Check out all of the happenings that are going in the community where you can just go and have a good time and meet people.

I ended up connecting with who appeared to be a nice NT at a grocery store yesterday who said that she got a free day of admission to our local aquarium on her birthday and happened to do it alone. Like me, she's a loner too.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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20 Mar 2017, 9:47 pm

For almost all of my "life", I have had no friends. When I did, almost all of them were superficial, judgmental, and condescending.

Quite frankly, I get the feeling that people like people that are similar to themselves. Both in terms of positive and negative traits. They do not see their traits as negative, because those traits are so common.

For example, one former precious little "friend" used to cancel on me two hours a priori, or just not show up altogether. She repeatedly interrupted me. She said "what?" over and over. But when she had a thought or emotion, she acted like it was the latest greatest scientific invention. She took her dogs off leash on a narrow, winding path, that contains bike riders. She littered. She jaywalked.

She correctly told me "people do it all the time!".

She thought she was perfect, just because there are so many people just like her, and not many just like me.

However. the solar system contains more convicted rapists, than Nobel Prize winners in physics. It does not follow that the more popular an activity is, the more morally justified it is.

But whatever. In the precious little "friend's" defense, indeed, "people do it all the time." What got on my nerves was that saying "people do it all the time," to me, kind of implied that I am not a person. Because if "people do it all the time," & I do not do it all the time, then I must not be a person.

Likewise, she referred to herself as "people". As if she is justified for doing anything, just because she did not invent it.

Family serves a function. (fine). However, I am 34 and have never dated. I am trans. No children. Big deal. In a country where half of marriages end in divorce, not getting married is not that bad. Besides, the world contains plenty of unwanted children. Why add more?

So what if plenty of people made fun of Bush, Obama and Trump? They were still presidents. When someone has that much power and fame, it is hard to imagine nobody will make fun of them. On the other hand, I am not, have never been, and will never be, president. But plenty of people still make fun of me. (trans, autistic, whatever).

It doesn't make sense.


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Today, 11:43 am

I'm really sorry if this offends anyone for posting on this thread because I do not have autism I am what's considered neurotypical. We are not superior in any way, and a lot of NT's don't have any friends. Sure you see a group of people hanging out laughing together but there's so many more of us that are alone and just getting by in the world. My son has high functioning autism so I can only compare what I know of autism to him... he's the most amazing person I know and the most gifted person I've ever met. Human beings are horrific, cruel, disgusting, self absorbed creatures. I honestly wish that the world was filled with people with autism because it would be a much better place. Us NT's may look happy, but we're not.