Chris Singleton (free album too if you want it)

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16 Feb 2010, 11:49 am

Irish-British indie artist. Excellent songwriter.

Found out about this dude in a banner ad on, and it was promoting his album as a free download. I usually don't look at them and before I subscribed the word "Beatles" caught my eye. I don't remember exactly what the banner said specifically but it basically said something along the lines of this being the best pop rock you'll ever hear today. I agree. There are a few, few good pop rock artists, but they're usually overshadowed.
I did click it and downloaded it, but also later got the CD from Amazon. (But then again, I'm primarily a CD collector and even tend to re-buy on CD music for which I've already bought .mp3's)

It does indeed sound very Beatle-esque, as The Beatles are one of Singleton's biggest influences (they're his favorite band). A friend the other day said it sounds a bit like The Vines (but I didn't think so). He's got so much going for him, though, as he's got plenty more of his own style in his music as well. Some songs have a big majestic sound that you'd get with some of Oasis' stuff, although nothing really sounds like Oasis at all.

Anyway, his second album, titled "Lady Gasoline" is about to come out, and he's got his debut album up for free download again, courtesy of himself. Check it out, it's awesome.

Download Chris Singleton's acclaimed album 'Twisted City' entirely free and legally at .

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