stuttering, esp. word-final stuttering/ dysfluency?

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how does your AS child stutter, or how do you stutter (if you are AS)?
at the beginning of words 38%  38%  [ 3 ]
at the beginning of words 38%  38%  [ 3 ]
at the end of words 13%  13%  [ 1 ]
at the end of words 13%  13%  [ 1 ]
at both the beginning and end of words 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
at both the beginning and end of words 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 8


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14 Aug 2006, 3:46 pm

This is something my son age 9 does severely, to the point where he is incomprehensible. Yet sometimes he does not do it at all. It seems to follow no pattern one way or the other. Does anyone have an AS child who stutters, particularly at the end of words?

For example, "I'm going to bed" will sound like "I'm-m-m-m-m going to-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo bed-d-d-d-d-d-d."

He never stutters at the beginning of words.


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14 Aug 2006, 6:05 pm

im an imntermittent stuttere. always at the beginnign of words.
if my soin develops one i am going to take him to learn sign language.
deaf people think like autistic people, and i think the non verbal skills will help him through his stutter.
i think like yoda think i do.
and i have to learn to put the words into a sentence undrstnadableby others, it has taken time but i can do it, but i have had to learn everything the hard way and i am not good of the cuff unless it is something oi abve pre rehearsed and learned , it is here that i stammer and stutter.
i don treally care i just talk lees and chose my owrd econuomiclly.


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14 Aug 2006, 7:43 pm

daughter & hubby only stutter when anxious. son doesn't stutter. daughter and hubby both seem to stutter at the beginning of words, but not at the end of words. they will string together a series of words in which they stutter the first syllable of each word.


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15 Aug 2006, 1:02 am

My son can be very dysfluent at times - it begins at the start of his speech, but it is sort of a stuttering of words rather than a stuttering involving syllables.

For example - if he wants to tell you something that he saw on TV and he started stuttering then it may go like this -

I-I-I ( pause) I (pause) I saw (pause) I saw this funny thing (pause) I saw ( pause) I saw this funny thing on tv (and then finishes his statement).

Sometimes he does get stuck on the next sentence and he gets very upset if he is interrrupted because that almost makes it like he needs to start all over again. And if he gets interrupted he may just get mad and say forget it. This does not happen all the time - and not particularly when he is anxious, but actually when he is trying to relate some information under his own initiative. And he often jumps up and down and becomes quite animated if it is something that he wants to say.


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15 Aug 2006, 10:49 pm

"Daddy, can I go to ... uh Excuse me, Dad, Would it be OK if I ... Dad, is it acceptable if I go ... Dad, Excuse me, but after I get all my chores done, do you think it would be acceptable if I went ... "

That's what my 7 year old does when he really wants to say or do something that's important to him. He gets too caught up in the 'proper' way of asking to get the question across. He doesn't really stutter, but he takes several false starts to get the info out.

My daughter does a stutter stumble at the end of words as if she is replacing "Uh" or "mmm" or some other place holder by repeating the last phonetic combination. It sounds similar to what you have described.

It mainly happens on days that are already shot for one reason or another.

It's just music for me. The other stims don't work.