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17 Jul 2015, 8:55 am

My study has been given the go-ahead by my university and it is now open!

I am happy to answer any questions here, via direct message, or via the contact information provided on the wordpress.

I have a thread talking about this study in the Word forum, but if you would like to read about it here: it is a sociological study about disclosing one's autism status in a work environment. There is not much about this in academic literature, and from what I could find, no studies directly asking autistic people to talk about their experiences.

I am assuming that autistic people are present in the workforce in larger numbers than reported by other studies, which I believe have a flawed method of selecting participants. I think that some people disclose that they are autistic and some don't and that accommodations happen in both formal and informal ways, but less than people would like. ALL of these things I'm talking about have come from listening to my autistic friends and mentors, including contributors on WP.

I just need people to talk openly about their experiences with disclosure (both choosing to and choosing not to), treatment at work, opinions of others at work, accommodations/help for themselves and to others, and similar issues. One could go through the whole survey simply picking multiple choice, but I hope people will use the short answer explanations, because those will have the most power in literature.

Your identifying information will be confidential. Open to all autistic people over 18 who are working or have worked in paid or unpaid (volunteer/internship) jobs).

Thank you for reading!