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17 Apr 2017, 12:58 pm

Autistic behavior is a form of communication. I'm about to take that statement further and show you the significance behind autistic behavior.
For me, autism means that my mind is a vast open space where all my knowledge runs free with my hyper-connected brain. Most people are born with instructions to function on this planet – not me. I can't think within parameters that I can't see. It is like being asked to think outside of a box you didn't know you were inside of. Free-range thinking translates into free-range behavior.
Not seeing borders can manifest itself in difficulties understanding boundaries, and ...


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17 Apr 2017, 10:43 pm

I did a coop placement at a parliament member’s office

They put you in a birdcage?

Or is it a typo for "co-op"?


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18 Apr 2017, 12:20 pm

I like the article. I've lived in two countries, Wales and England. I've stayed for a week in Scotland and had a few other short holidays there. I had one little holiday in Ireland. Have also been on holiday to America, Canada and France. I've often thought what holds back human beings is an overvaluation of our national identity. I have read a lot of websites about people who move abroad and how they feel about it. It's clear every country has strengths and weaknesses.. Germany is quite wealthy but at times boring and too strict. France is civilized and cultured but can stick its nose up at those it doesn't approve of.

America is an open and vastly talented country but can be immature. England is practical but tends to forge ahead with ideas without looking fully at all the options, which has led to us having large numbers of causes and people abandoned by "the big picture". The Spanish are friendly yet rarely do things on time. Italians are food gods and have innovated a lot but they are too religious and their culture allows corruption too easily. Swiss are almost perfect but they're too cold and formal, they run the country marvellously, however getting to know them is almost impossible. Scandinavians are very fair minded, however they can be too attached to childhood friends and have a small town mentality, not always embracing bold new ideas (with the exception of ones relating to helping others via welfare). Australians are fun, warm and generally have a sense of fairness, however they're also inverse snobs who often hate old world class, even the good parts like classical music and literature. They often have no concern for the environment as well.

Those are some basic observations. If every country was open to criticism and wanted to learn from others we would all benefit.

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Emu Egg

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18 Apr 2017, 12:34 pm

That was a lovely article, thanks for posting.
I really resonate with a lack of understanding about boundaries and borders, and creating my own rather than accepting those which society tells me are 'normal.'
For example, when I was younger I used to group people into two colours- either a warm orange or a cool blue. I've gotten out of the habit of this now but, if I think about it, I can still easily do the same with people today.
So yeah, there's not much point in my reply haha apart from me wanting to say that I completely understand what you're saying. Having to fit in with society's boundaries is tiring and, frankly, rather boring. So it's nice that other people feel a similar way


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21 Apr 2017, 8:53 pm

I've never believed in categories. I've always judged people by their personalities and characters, instead of their genders. I also like to do many styles of paintings, drawings and sketches. I can't stick to just one style. Another type of thinking that I do is thinking in colour. I put things that I think are sweet and kind in the green category. I put things that are cool and calming in the blue category. I put the things that make me feel disgust or anger in the pink category. I put things that energize me and rev me up in a good way in the red category. I put things that cheer me up and make me laugh in the yellow category. I put things that wind me down and make me tired in the black category, because that's the colour of night. I put things that inspire me in the white category, because white is where all the colours eventually end up on.


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25 Apr 2017, 3:57 am

hmmm, The article is in fact
But it leaves some disgust

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17 May 2017, 8:17 am

Very well written article, thank you for sharing :)


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07 Jun 2017, 9:52 pm

My special interest is the boundless ocean. No boundaries.

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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28 Jun 2017, 7:45 am

Thanks for writing this. I've been on a very long journey of self discovery that started when I was around 29 years old and feeling very different and wanting things to be different. I'm undiagnosed but everything I read about Aspergers and Autism really really seems to help me. Actually I was diagnosed with depression but I'm pretty sure that has to do with possible Aspergers and feeling so much emotional pain from being different and feeling so misunderstood. I'm doing mostly pretty great now at age 43 but I have a really pure and sensitive heart and it is a hard world for me to live in, so I do things differently than most others I see.

Thank you so much for writing Minds Without Borders. I started learning boundaries in the past year or two and what you wrote is really helping me today! I was struggling with social expectations at work lunches the past few weeks. I like what you wrote about niceness/ meanness and having to classify people to survive. I never understood why people like feeling so part of a group and dividing themselves like that and I truly will befriend almost anyone. Thanks again :heart:

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Snowy Owl

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11 Jul 2017, 6:42 am

I loved the article. When I read the Markrams' Intense World Theory, what really struck home was about the CONNECTIONS. That just seems so right, certainly according to my experience. Hyper-connectivity (not lack of), it makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing.


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11 Jul 2017, 7:40 am

Open the borders, let everything in, media (no manipulation here) ofcourse, the aggressif will take everything,
throw down defenses, get rid of anticorps (constant vaccinating is the way)(update newer virussus),
old is ugly, new is beautifull
google's plan to be inside the mind, darpa nearby?
----- It provides a general method that can be applied to any target protein, making it a single core platform compatible with the dozens of products the device will eventually produce.
the moloch of bio-tech, kneel deep to "no private anything"
(when there's no more private anything what to tax? some bio material to offer to tech? 8) )
The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA ... A_Logo.jpg ... ce-studies
information awareness office
Image ... ce/124744/
better be your own informationawareness-office

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19 Aug 2017, 7:13 am

I always found racism the most incomprehensible thing in other people. It makes no sense..Except if you see it in terms of an animal instinct to be hostile to the "other". A simplistic, self preservation strategy(i.e different sometimes means danger in the wild).

But humans claim to be better than animals...perhaps they are not as much as they might think.

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26 Aug 2017, 2:44 pm

For me, autism means that my mind is a vast open space where all my knowledge runs free with my hyper-connected brain.

This was an interesting read. I've never considered my mind to borderless and unconstrained. I've always preferred the term boundless without limitations to describe my mind's operations.

But the talk about lacking survival instinct bothers me a bit. Our mind's free reign, being unrestrained by environment and outside stimulus, enables more creative possibilities to enter into it. Some could say the technological triumph of our species comes from the ingenuity of the few would rethought the world in a better way. Such has been humanity's standing triumph over nature.

We can talk survival of the fittest all day. But, by the end of the day, the world's most innovative and dissenting thinks were the ones that change the world and the course of humanity's progress. We stand taller even in the wake of disease, famine, predatory populations and even a shorter lifespan. But maybe I'm missing the point of the article, making a microcosm of a macrocosm, and leaving out the individual perspective.

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20 Sep 2017, 5:44 am

Excellent thank you.