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12 Aug 2017, 6:06 pm

This morning, I called the ER and went to Zuckerberg General Hospital, as I had felt more dizzy and light-headed the day before - and, quite frankly, as of that morning, my problem with pissing somewhat on myself in bed before I can make it to the toilet had reached crisis point :cry:.
I went, I was treated but not admitted, I am in the waiting room now. The care was good, I got some emergency pants and a shirt, but they were fairly rude/brusque to me, sez I.
The pants are beltless shorts that fit - loosely. For the planned going to church tomorrow they're certainly cleaner. I have some dirty clothes, remember, but they need cleaning and I spoke of the " eviction " crisis that cancelled the at least in theory planned laundering of them, remember. Monday I should go to a legal clinic to get help in the aftermath of my brother's demise :cry: , too, I've put that off for a week and a half.

Renal kidney failure . Congestive heart failure . COPD in lungs .
Walk with crutch. Two teeth , 4&1/2 toes , haven't had prescription glasses in so many years , no passport , no bank account.
I'd like to go back to college SO much<sob> - but making the applications would take help (not financial) which people have not been willing to give me:-(.
So many things stolen/otherwise disappeared from me , having to replace them over & over , spending my money to do that:-( .
SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS (in fact, more than that.) stolen & taken from me in these last months:-(.
My life destroyed by Thorazine and Mellaril - and rape - and the Psychiatric-Industrial Complex:-(.