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12 Sep 2017, 1:41 pm

Here is this complete mess of a television series I came up with two years ago. If it doesn't make sense. well it shouldn't it's created by an Aspie and it really shows. It is the perfect mess of my supposed favorite characters from Movie's TV shows and who are OC's

Full Cast

1. Adam Kennedy (Magic Mike Character)
2. Alan Garner (Hangover Character)
3.Annie Walker (Bridesmaid Character)
4.Becket Jones (OC)
5.Bernadette Kane (OC)
6.Bob While (What About Bob Character)
7.Boobie Miles (Friday Night Light's Character)
8.Brandy Shy (OC)
9.Brian Chavez (Friday Night Lights Character)
10.Brick Heck (Well I'm sure everyone who reads wrong planet knows who that is)
11.Brooke Kennedy (Magic Mike Character)
12.Brooke Shy (Neighbors Character)
13.Buddy Hobbs (Elf Character)
14.Cady Herron (Mean Girl's Character)
15.Candace Phobos (OC)
16.Caro Dennings (OC)
17.Charlie Bartlet (Charlie Bartlet Character)
18.Cheryl Banks (OC)
19.Cordelia GioVicci (OC)
20.Don Billingsly (Friday Night Lights character)
21.Drew Adams (OC)
22.Duncan Olsen (OC)
23.Dylan Jameson (OC)
24.Elani Sumi (OC)
25.Emmet Ben Nelson (Stand in for myself gender swapped)
26.Erick Rogers (OC)
27.Ethan Olsen (OC)
28.Eugene Neely (OC)
29.Fanny Farnsworth (Fanny Danny and Annie character)
30.Flora Sumi (OC)
31.Fred Smith (Awekward Moment Character)
32.Gretchen Weiners (Mean girls Character)
33.Hannah Horvath (Girls Character)
34.Helen Harris (Bridesmaides character) 

35.Henry George (Mean Girls Character)
36.IBM62 (OC)
37.Iris Swift (OC)
38.Jayden Richmond (Bridesmaids Character)
39.Jessa Johanson (Girl's Character)
40.Jonathan Thomas (OC)
41.Jutta Gomez (OC)
42.Karen Smith (Mean Girls Character)
43.Kate Gregson (United States of Tara character)
44.Kathy Shy -(OC)
45.Katrina Gomez (OC)
46.Kevin Reed (Kevin from Work character)
47.KimChi Wang (OC)
48.Lesley Jackson (OC)
49.Mark Zuckerburg (Social Network character)
50.Maude Chardin (Harold and Maude Character)
51.Merris Canfelid (Rid of Me character)
52.Mike Lane (Magic Mike Character)
53.Mike Shiner (Birdman character)
54.Mike Winchell (Friday Night Lights Character)
55.Owen Butler (The Way Way back character)
56.Pablo Gomez (OC)
57.Regina George (Mean Girls character)
58.Ricky George (OC)
59.Simon Goodwill (OC)

60.Sue Snell (Carrie 2013 Character)

Episode Guide

Episode 1.1 . Pilot
Maude sends 53 people on an air plane to a remote area of Thailand where everyone can sort out their problems. The fact that their are two Brooke’s on the trip who look and act practically the same, really upsets Ethan’s Aspergers. Cordelia remembers Henry and Lucille’s old friend Tiddle Mouse, Helen attempts to do some ice breakers but some people are just really hard to get to know, IBM62 remembers the time she thought the spoon at McDonalds was a straw and being really embarassed. Cordelia suffers from severe homesickness and culteral shock,

Episode 1.2 Twinning
The 50 people with issues are split into random groups of two in order to do chores together. When Brian and Bernadette are pared up to make dinner together they find out that they have similar experiences with having a sick identical twin who was more popular then them. When Lesley and Brooke Kennedy work together filtering water Lesley accidently tells Brooke she can relate to her because they both had knee injuries from playing soccer in college, but then feels really bad once she learns that Brooke has Elher Danlo’s Syndrome and that she cannot relate at all. Brooke and Brandy are pared up to pitch tents and instead of doing any of the work, Brooke just talks to Brandy the whole time. Emmet Ben remembers a Boston trip, Ricky tries to help Jayden find a new show to be interested in while they are digging out the latrine, Ethan and Alan both reminisce their previous adventures in Thailand whilst on fire wood duty

Episode 1.3 Why Can’t We Be Friends
Lesley tries to apologize to Brooke but Brooke will not accept her apology and things start to get really heated. Caro accidently offends Kevin with her sarcastic remarks about office work, Brooke snubs Brandy, Helen and Emmet Ben both recall the Fever fit

Episode 1.4 In The City
Cheryl and Elani decide to take Brooke to the city of Bangkock in order to make it up to her and to Mike, Caro, Candace and Jutta set up a mandate between Ethan, Eugene and Dylan but it makes Ethan really anxious, during this episode special Humpty Emmet Ben appears, Alan remembers the day he was accused of being a pedophile, Gretchen remembers when she “Ruined” a Little Mermaid tape

Episode 1.5 Want you more
Kate realizes that the harder Mike is playing to get the more she wants to get with him. Mike Lane upsets Fanny. Helen leads a group activity in which everyone reads a little piece of their memoirs. Elani thinks everyone’s is sympathetic except for Hannah’s 6th grade memoir, Helen and Emmet Ben remember when they first started living together, Iris is love sick for Aaron and Simon can tell,Brooke remembers kicking her mom really really really hard because she told her she couldn’t mary Shaquile O’neil Adam and Brandy continue to Bond and Bernadette get’s jealous

Episode 1.6 After It get’s Dark
Not knowing about how powerful they both are Jonathan and KimChi are accidently paired up by Elani to filter water and all hell breaks loose, when everyone is sent to another dimension. It suddenly get’s really dark out and the stars come out even though it is only 1:00 in the afternoon. The Aspies are unable to handle this discombobulating change. The Group is split up into two: (Alan, Becket, Bob, Brian, Brick, Brooke S, Buddy, Cady, Charlie, Cheryl, Cordelia, Don, Drew, Elani, Emmet Ben, Erick, Fanny, Gretchen, Hannah, Helen, IBM62, Iris, Jayden, Jessa, Karen, Katrina, Lesley, Louie, Mark, Meris, Mike S, Owen, Pablo, Regina, Ricky, Simon, Sue) (Adam, Bernadette, Brooke K, Candace, Caro, Duncan, Dylan, Ethan, Eugene, Flora, Fred, Jutta, Kate, Mike L)

Episode 1.7. Say Hello To The Stars
Group A desperately searches for Group B and for Jonathan and KimChi who keep warping the dimensions. Even when the group is marginally smaller, Brooke still not talking, Sue tries to get Brooke to warm up to her by reminiscing about the Australia trip Emmet Ben keeps bugging Gretchan about how upsetting the situation is, Hannah remembers the pare of times her mom came to pick her up from school in 5th grade and 6th grade

Episode 1.8 Playing it half assed
Group B finds themselves in a dimension where nobody really has a life and nobody is super successful and just everything is kind of blah. Ethan throws a fit about the fact that they are lost. Adam remembers when Brooke suffered from Clinical depression in 5th grade, Ethan remembers getting criticized about his art work at dead beaver and having to have beaver taken away from him

Episode 1.9 Dressed for Success
While group B is stuck in a dimension where everything is half assed, Group A finds themselves in a dimension where everyone is super successful, Ricky, Becket and Jayden who find a mutual interest in hating on the dimension get seperrated from the group and are warped to some other dimension. Helen seeks off to find Jayden Cordelia, Elani and Meris accompany her. Brooke remembers an over the top disturbing conversation she wrote about racism Brandy wrote when they were about disturbing conversations involving Digimon, Regina remembers Duck day

Episode 1.10 Tonight and the Rest of My Life
Brooke has a medical emergency involving her Elher Danlo’s Syndrome and Mike is in even more desperate need to find KimChi and Jonathan and get them back to their own dimension. Meanwhile Whilst seperated from the group Elani has a vision about where Jonathan might be, but it is very vague. Jayden, Ricky and Becket find KimChi in another dimension Jayden remembers his magical experience in which Hermione said something that happened in Mice was funnier then something that happened in real life. Cordelia remembers when Nick got lost in Hawaii

Episode 1.11 Sister Act
Brooke and Brandy get in an epic fight about Brooke’s refusal to talk to other people, Bob tries to play mediator. Brick developes a “Boy crush” on Charlie and asks him for some popularity points and Charlie tells him about drug dealing. Meanwhile Brooke K’s health continue’s to fail as the dimension’s keep altering. Also meanwhile Elani and everyone finally locate Jonathan, Regina remembers the time she brought Shish Ka bab’s for lunch in elementry school, Cordelia remembers the pizza book

Episode 1.12 Running Out of Time
Adam is in desperate need to find Jonathan so he can give him a piece of his mind. Elani and Helen try to help Jonathan control his power, The group finally reunites, but they are unable to get home. Adam right away changes his mind about Jonathan when he see’s what state he is in and instead tries to reach out to him. Mike asks Jonathan if Brooke is going to be okay and he says only if he figures out a way to get them back to their dimension. Emmet Ben remembers his deep conversation with Helen, Gretchen remembers the time she ordered “Gretchen Slam” ice cream at the ice cream parlor and finding out that wasn’t an actual flavor

Episode 1.13 One Two Three Vanilla Pudding
KimChi continues to warp the dimension’s instead of making things better. The group has a run in with the bad stranger in one of the dimensions who causes everyone to remember there most primal memories. Jonathan figures out a way to distract the bad stranger and help them find a way back to their dimension

Episode 1.14 It’s A Wonderful Life
Jonathan sends everyone to what they all think is their dimension. But looks are decieving. It turns out there is one huge difference in this dimension Magepaths are fugitives, therefore the magepath’s from the group of 50 are pretty much screwed if they try to use their powers. Jonathan however thinks he can think of a way to get out of it, Louie remembers the time his brother Bobby and him didn’t have enough money to buy a bottled water and ended up pooling their money, Meris remembers when she and Freak Girl ran into Mitch and friends at a Vegan restaurant. Lesley tries to make things right with Brooke

Episode 1.15. An Unexpected Bond
Brooke Shy and Brooke Kennedy become friends when they get sepparated from the group and Brooke Kennedy has a near death experience. The rest of the group tries desperately to find the other two members of their party and Adam tries desperatly to search for a magepath with healing powers so he can borrow their powers and get Brooke better. Hannah remembers her bad spring break

Episode 1.16. Home
Jonathan is finally able to get everyone back to their home dimension and Adam finally finds a magepath with healing powers and borrows his abilities. Emmet Ben remembers the time he was apparently a f*****g as*hole to Lauren the time they went to see home, Caro remembers the sailing trip she went on with her boarding school.

Episode 1. 17. Mistakes Were Made
Elani realizes that it was a huge mistake to ever put Jonathan and KimChi in a group together. Brooke Kennedy re cooperates from her health scare and Brooke Shy keeps her company, Brandy starts to worry that Brooke Kennedy is becoming her new (Brandy) and that she needs to make other friends. Mike get’s annoyed with Brooke Shy. Caro remembers when Yoko left Squid in the refridgerator, Ethan remembers taking Apricot on the bus during Ambien

Episode 1. 18. One Night In Bangkok
The Group takes a trip to Bangkok, Brooke Shy bothers Brooke Kennedy KimChi remembers
Jambalya in the Bathtub with a Wildebeast and a dirty diaper, Lesley remembers having Egg Salad and Tuna Fish on a plate for dinner when she lived with her parents 

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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14 Sep 2017, 6:22 pm

I just remembered someone else who was in the Thailand cast

Louie CK (Louie character) so I guess their's actually 61 total not that it really matters or anything because he never asked Brooke Kennedy if she was okay