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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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09 Oct 2017, 6:57 pm

Did anybody else watch the premiere of this show? I forced myself to watch it (I cannot stand grown Sheldon/Big Bang Theory), and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the show was a much more realistic depiction of Asperger's than is seen on The Big Bang Theory, and I actually could relate to it. Young Sheldon isn't all that arrogant and obnoxious, so I liked him, as opposed to his adult persona. I also liked how the show looked into the way his obvious Asperger's affected his siblings' lives and parents' lives. I thought they did a much better job with that than Netflix's Atypical did. I'm actually looking forward to more episodes.


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09 Oct 2017, 7:07 pm

I had no idea there was such a show. Might be interesting and, hopefully, much more honest about Asperger's Syndrome than the BB Theory (where, to my knowledge, it has never been brought up or even hinted at). I used to actually like TBBT when it first came out, but now I can't stand it.