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31 May 2013, 2:15 am

Greentea wrote:
Maybe for my aspiness, maybe for my conscienciousness, I don't know why but my boss humiliates me extremely much all day, every day. He's removed me from any jobs that he deems might be a bit fun for me, yells at me all day that I'm a good for nothing, has taken away any authority / independence / creativity I had in my job and is constantly looking for new ways to hurt me, or rather I should say "punish" me. He has nothing to complain about so he invents serious complaints, such as tardiness (I'm never late), extreme laziness (I'm the hardest working employee in the dept.), etc etc. He threatens to fire me every single day. He demeans me in front of other people on purpose, to diminish my image in the company. Just a couple months ago I got a prize for being one of the best employees in the dept, now I've been treated like this almost ever since. I don't know what to do. Being constantly humiliated is painful and discouraging. I used to love my work, now I don't care about it one bit.

I'm posting this on this forum because I'm hoping for support from people who know what it's like to not be able to just get up and leave - or to fight the system - because at my age (46), finding another job in any area of work would be practically impossible.

I had a boss that was very similar to that. Except he treats most employees like crap. He yells, gets dramatic, he believes in using old equipment and "elbow grease" (hard manual scrubbing) to save as much money as possible.. to the detriment of his employees who often end up with calluses on their hands and all sorts of skin irritations. The reason he does it is because there are plenty of broke uneducated people who are willing to do just about anything for a low salary. We are the underdogs of society and we will be treated like crap by almost everyone who hires us unless we go to college and get a degree. This is just how things are in America. You are not seen as an employee, you are seen as a working farm animal. They have you do any work they want, they pay(feed you) anything they want... i have no doubt that you can't even pay rent and food with what you earn... at least work-animals get food and shelter. Blue collar work like ours used to be protected by work unions that made sure people got paid well and treated decently. Corporate America made away with those, condemning those of us who didnt have the ability or support we needed to go to college. Our fate is a sad one. We are expected to put 100% of our time and efforts accomplishing other people's goals. And the worst part of it is we will get treated like crap and get paid crap till the end.

We need some sort of aspie union/organization to help us live better quality lives... this is just sickening

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Tufted Titmouse

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01 Oct 2013, 6:50 pm

Newbie to the forums here, but I've been around this block more than a few times in my years.

My advice? Start and maintain a journal detailing all the instances of abuse you feel are being heaped on you by this waste of skin. Note times, circumstances and locations. That way, in case you ever do find yourself in a situation where you can (or need to) appeal to 'higher-ups' senses of dignity (assuming they even have any), you'll be prepared with documented records of specific instances. Most sensible people in authority know full well it's pretty hard to just conjure up such comprehensive evidence on the spur of the moment, so your case becomes more credible and much harder to dismiss.

Such information would definitely be useful in case you find yourself in a situation where you are seeking redress (ie; filing a wrongful dismissal/harassment lawsuit, or some other form of action to defend your good name and reputation). Same applies in case you ever need to establish the fact that you were mistreated and 'forced' out of your job due to inappropriate/unfair/inhumane treatment.

I am very sorry for the torment you are experiencing! I know exactly how you feel. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Note to add; after you kick the dust of this toxic workplace off your sandals for the very last time and are absolutely certain you'll have no further need to keep your journal any longer, you'll find it very therapeutic and cathartic to destroy all the baggage contained in this journal... and move on. Trust me... I know!


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22 Oct 2013, 1:56 pm

I posted this thread 6 years ago. Since then I was fired when the company downsized, but my boss was fired (before me) with a kick in the a** because though I got the brunt of it, she was a madwoman that abused everyone. This year the company (a big international company) went bankrupt, it doesn't exist anymore. 8 months after being fired I found a new job, have been at it for 4 years now.

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