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Back in 1998, Alex Moshenko’s preschool teachers in Buffalo weren’t sure what made him different. But the degree to which he couldn’t follow instructions — “he’d just run off” or “prefer to be playing with objects” instead of other kids, said his mom, Monica — was reason enough for school administrators to place Alex in a six-student special education class once he reached kindergarten.

“Mommy, am I bad?” Alex asked. “Why am I in this class?”

Monica Moshenko wondered the same thing — until Alex was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Monica Moshenko wondered the same thing — until Alex was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological condition related to autism that is characterized by impairment in language and communication skills.

Thanks in part to his mom getting him therapy, Alex entered first grade much happier in a regular classroom with the other kids — and his full-time aide. To address issues facing other parents of kids with disabilities, Moshenko last summer founded and began hosting the radio talk show “Disability News & Views.” While it airs Sundays in parts of New York, Pennsylvania and parts of Ontario (WXRL 1300 AM), past shows can be listened to via the Web at

“It’s my intention to be the advocate [for kids and adults with disabilities] on the air,” said Moshenko, whose guests have included advocates, researchers and parents. Archived shows are available the Thursday after they air.

The March 27th show will field parent questions. Listeners are welcome to send questions in advance by e-mail to [email protected]or by phone to 716-522-9185.

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