"Dutch Uncle": An informal term for a person who issues frank, harsh, or blunt comments and criticism to educate, encourage, or admonish someone. The term "talk to one like a Dutch uncle" originated in the early 19th century as an allusion to the sternness and sobriety attributed to the Dutch. Dutch behavior is generally considered to be practical, direct, outspoken, stubborn, well-organized, blunt and always right.


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Andibrook88 on May 17, 2015

Is one of the items in the box a pair of scissors? I just found your post about stuff that you put in a box and had a flash image of a pair of scissors. I\'m not trying to guess everything, just wondering if the flash in my mind had a purpose or a cause. Sometimes I think that if I try to guess, I can\'t do it. But maybe if I go with instinct, it works better. If I were guessing, I\'d say.. The container is a shoebox and it is under your bed and in it.. a pair of scissors, a fork, and a book. See? I can\'t do it when guessing. Anyway.. Thanks!