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Your Brain’s ‘Love Chemicals’ may also make you Autistic

By alex on March 12, 2007

Most people with Asperger's Syndrome have some intense interest that they pursue with a passion (I'm one of those) and it's pretty clear that OCD tendencies go hand in hand with Asperger's Syndrome. Serotonin is the chemical that plays a role in causing aspies to pursue their special interests and similarly causes people with OCD to be obsessive or anxious. Certain levels of serotonin are also linked with the autistic tendency of...


Review: Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger’s Love Story

By alex on January 17, 2007

Is there such a thing as a soul mate; another person who is destined to be with you? For Jerry Newport and Mary Newport, the answer is ‘yes.’ Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger’s Love Story details the relationship of two Aspies (individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism) who fall in love at first sight. This touching story chronicles their life of misunderstanding and loneliness leading up to and beyond the moment they...


My birthday is for everyone else

By alex on November 27, 2006

When kids are little, they go to all these birthday parties, first for the kids of their parents' friends, then for their classmates, then for children they actually have something in common with (or who's parents made them invite them). And of course, if one is invited to a party, they have to invite the birthday kid to THEIR birthday.

This is when birthdays START being for everyone else. Most autistic kids really don't care for watching...

Dear Aspie: Letting go

By alex on July 18, 2006

Dear Aspie:
I met a girl online. I live about an hour away from her. Three times, I drove up to meet her; she never came to meet me. She said she did not feel comfortable coming down my way. After the third date, she told me she had plans next weekend, but would like to get together with me the weekend after. I left a message on her answering machine the next week saying I wanted to chat, and hoped to hear from her later. I never heard back...

Dear Aspie: How to control anger

By alex on June 18, 2006

Dear Aspie:
“Can you give some general advice on controlling anger?”


Read on for GroovyDruid's response!

Dear Aspie: How Do I Find an Honest Relationship?

By alex on June 8, 2006

Dear Aspie:
“I haven't been in a long-term relationship for about six years. I've tried some dating, but by the time I feel that I have successfully secured a relationship, more often than not I realize that I haven't taken the time to get to know the woman and she's not what I had believed she was and I bail out. So how do I continue to "bust a move", convincing a woman that I'm worth her while when I feel like I need her to show me who...

Dear Aspie: Can Aspies Make Friends and Have Dates?

By alex on May 31, 2006

Dear Aspie:
“I am in my 20s and I have problems with friendships and relationships. I've been told by exs that I'm not capable of having a relationship and I think they're right. I don't know if I can love - I don't love anyone I know and I tend to care about my cuddly toys and computer equipment more than people. I try to be a good person, and do the things you're supposed to do in NT-land, and be nice and friendly to people, but it's just...


Normal People Scare Me: Hearts, Arts, and a Night of Autism Awareness

By alex on May 8, 2006

For the 2nd installment in's exclusive coverage of Normal People Scare Me, Wrong Planet's own Amy Gravino was on the scenes of the Autism benefit dinner preceding the movie's premiere. In case you're just joining us, Normal People Scare Me is the Autism documentary produced in part by Joey Travolta. Read on for Amy's great inside scoop of the Normal People Scare Me Autism benefit dinner!

April 6th, 2006. As night crept in...

Dear Aspie: How Do I Stop Questioning Myself?

By alex on April 12, 2006

Dear Aspie: “After I talk to some people, I get this dread over me where I don’t know if I said something wrong or did something stupid. I start to analyze the conversation I had, and I come up with things I shouldn’t have said. This usually will happen when I’m talking to a girl […]

Dear Aspie: Why Do Women Tell Me About Their Men?

By alex on April 9, 2006

Dear Aspie:
"I am a heterosexual male aspie. Why do females insist on telling me about their husbands or boyfriends all the time, sometimes in intimate detail? It is none of my business, and it makes me feel uncomfortable, like the girls/women are comparing me to their partners. I also don't know what to say to them."


Read on for GroovyDruid's response!


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