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The Secrets to Successful Flirting

By alex on January 7, 2006

Romance tops the list of problems for many aspies. This shouldn?t be surprising. NTs find it hard enough. Several huge industries make it their business to teach NTs the mysteries of love, sex, and marriage, and yet relationship councilors audit a steady stream of NTs who have problems making a romance work with their partners. Relationships aren?t easy for anyone. Aspies occupy the unenviable position of playing the game of love handicapped,...



By alex on December 19, 2005

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting across from an interviewer for a job. But you and the interviewer are not alone: a thin, evil-looking demon sits beside you. You say, “I’m excited at the prospect of joining this company--”

But the demon interjects: “No, you are bored and unmotivated.” This scenario happens every day to countless aspies everywhere. The demon of improper body language frustrates all sorts of personal...


The Secrets of Successful Smalltalk

By alex on December 6, 2005

An aspie friend of mine said recently, ?I hate it when people ask me, ?So how?s it going?? People go around asking the same question to each other over and over at parties. It?s phony and ludicrous.?

By now, it should be growing evident that ?small talk? ranks up with the world?s great misnomers. There?s nothing small about it. It is one of the most complex and important activities humans practice. They meet and scope one another?s...


The Secrets of Successful Eye Contact

By alex on November 30, 2005

Shakespeare said, "The eyes are the windows of the soul." If that is true, then aspies prefer shutters and blinds. Eye contact is a perennial thorn in the side of aspies who desire and seek out social contact but would rather not lock eyes with their colleagues, friends, or lovers. The discomfort of eye contact ranges from vague to unbearable. The results of improper eye contact can be socially catastrophic in an NT world.

But all is not...

Impulse Control: From Born on the Wrong Planet

By alex on November 10, 2005 is proud to announce a partnership with Tyborne Hill Publishing which will allow us to provide exclusive online chapters of the book "Born on the Wrong Planet, Second Edition"

Impulse control is often a large problem with Asperger's children. All through school, Erika Hammerschmidt bit people, kicked other children. Having a Reason is the story of an incident that happened in Junior High.

The following article is the...

When it’s hard to fit in – The Register-Guard

By alex on November 8, 2005

Google News reports:
When it's hard to fit in
The Register-Guard, Oregon - 17 hours ago
... Here's an example of the difference between a neurotypical (among the 99.9 percent of the people on the planet without Asperger's) and an Asper: Person A and ...

Link to article

Autism: The Trip That Never Ends

By alex on October 14, 2005

Synaesthesia (also spelled synesthesia); from the Greek (syn-) union, and (aesthesis) sensation; is the neurological mixing of the senses. A synaesthete may, for example, hear colors, see sounds, and taste tactile sensations. Although considered a symptom of autism, it is by no means exclusive to those with autism. Synaesthesia is a common effect of some hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or mescaline.

Ten Ways to Develop Your Communication Skills

By alex on May 16, 2005

Open Loops publishes Ten Ways to Develop Your Communication Skills. It includes eye contact, tone, vocabulary, all sorts of things to consider. Looks helpful, just found it on

Have trouble with romantic relationships?

By alex on February 17, 2005

A lot of people on the autistic spectrum (even those with Asperger's Syndrome) may find it difficult to meet up with others, and to start romantic relationships. provides a way for autistics and aspies (a term referring to anyone who has asperger's) to meet others who live in their area.

Please note that is a family friendly site which looks out for the safety of its underage members. As a result, we only...

Group Social Situations

By alex on February 14, 2005

Sometimes, it is possible to have conversations which reflect well on yourself when you are speaking with only one other person. When other people start joining into a group, however, it is easy to inadvertently start dominating a conversation and thus cause others to become annoyed and possibly even think of you as arrogant (this happens to me sometimes). If you have a friend, or even a good acquaintance who is aware of your social...


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