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Drug hope for intestinal ailment

By alex on September 10, 2004

A Florence company that specializes in developing medicine for children said today it has made an acquisition that could lead to a new drug for autistic children with intestinal ailments.
Last September, Protein said tests showed promise for one of its drugs, called Oralgam, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in children. Those tests are continuing. In its announcement today, PediaMed expressed most interest in a Protein-owned...

Speech disorder study

By alex on August 30, 2004

New research from Purdue University shows that even when people who stutter are not speaking, their brains process language differently. Christine Weber-Fox, assistant professor of speech sciences, and John Spruill III, a doctoral student in the Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences from Virginia Beach, Va., prepare a subject for a continuing study to evaluate the brain's role in language processing in adults who do and do not stutter....

Anti depressants and talk therapy are effective therapy for teen depression

By alex on August 25, 2004

A new study from the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and 12 other medical centers shows the most effective treatment for adolescents with major depressive disorder is a combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy. Researchers say the study's findings indicate this combination treatment may be best for both improving depression and reducing the level of suicidal thinking in adolescents. The multicenter Treatment for Adolescents with...


Gene treatment turns monkeys into workaholics

By alex on August 15, 2004

According to Wired News, researchers, stopped monkeys from procrastinating in order to study mental illness..

Poor Monkeys..

Kids With Asperger’s Receive Help

By alex on August 13, 2004

Channel 2 news reports:
People with Asperger's may be extremely smart, but they lack social skills.

Dr. Christopher LoPata of Canisius College said "they might know everything going on in baseball, but if you try to introduce a new topic, the kids can't follow...they keep coming back to baseball, that causes difficulty in social relationships."


Camp Helps Children Conquer Social Disabilities

By alex on July 29, 2004

The Washington Post Reports:

Liam has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism in which a child functions at a high level. He loves his teachers in school, reads incessantly and performs well in math. But making friends is hard, so he is often lonely at his Arlington school and seldom talks about his classmates, his father said.

After coming home from Take 2, Liam, who had no close friends, talked about camp and friends he had made there.



Man ‘cured’ of autism to give lecture

By alex on July 6, 2004

The Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK reports
A CONTROVERSIAL autism expert is making a return to the Capital to give a lecture about the disorder.

Raun Kaufman, a United States-based international lecturer, claims he was "cured" of autism and will give a free talk at the National Museum of Scotland.


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