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Age: 30
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Have Aspergers - Undiagnosed
Location: Transylvania, Pyromania
Occupation: Hey, I'm undiagnosed, I have a quite big interest in hugs, mushy things, romance because they are entirely absorbing (suckers) of the soul and human essence and they work in mysterious ways, but also plants because they are absolute air purifiers and give me interesting indoor work to use my knowledge on. My first obsession was with dogs and am still quite loved by them, and that's 'cause similars attract. ^.~ -------------------------------------- I'm an atheist, pansexual. -------------------------------------- My lesser knowledge areas are sports, politics, finances. -------------------------------------- I pretty much am interested in learning about anything and discussing eeeverything! I like psychology, health and nutrition, big fan; I eat science, animal traditions and social behaviors digital pages like raw carrots. -------------- I'm single, but not looking for anything serious, just easy fun~ --------------- I prefer to be left out of your personal experiences on the site. Generally nothing good comes out of it and it's not positive. Thank you. --- Edit: I'm in an exclusive relationship with r00tb33r.


Sekky Atheist
My profile is not an epitome of emptiness.
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