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Age: 56
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Have Aspergers - Diagnosed
Location: Australia
Occupation: Pepe
Interests: Schadenfreude when short sellers get their fingers burnt...


Laughter is the best medicine. Age-appropriate behaviour is an arbitrary NT social construct.
Don't tell me white lies. Gaslight me at your peril. Don't give me your bad attitude. Hypnosis, psychosis. Tomarto, tomayto. There are *4* lights. Honey badger.
If I'm so bad, pass me by. ;)

And one more thing,

"A stranger is a friend gang-stalker you haven't met yet." Humour is not meant to be taken seriously, yet many pervert its intent.
Truth may be inconvenient but it is never politically incorrect...The Oracle of Truth has spoken...8)

I luv KFC!

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