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 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Too many autistics are bieng prescribed too many drugs

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 9:29 am 

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Mental illness is a product of faulty culture... in fact, if our culture weren't so faulty, autistics might be considered specially gifted rather than "disabled". is what it is... As for medications... I'm done with all that. They tried to make me their corporate lab rat... not for me... C...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: Can't decide between two programs.

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 3:25 pm 

Replies: 2
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study all of it, take the classes you're interested in. That's what I say... if they don't fit together, you might be "equipped" to bridge that gap by creating a new discipline... you might have superpowers associated with "obsessive interest"... is what it is. Don't get stuck th...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: Suggestions for Autism Group

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 3:21 pm 

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what college? where?

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: How can i deal with Procrastination?

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 3:16 pm 

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Yep... I am especially susceptible to this when other pressures are added on top of having deadlines. Perhaps, my best weapon against this is intentional ignorance... I have to intentionally ignore that I know the deadline. At first, I tend to judge that I don't need much time to do the assignment a...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: College Woes

 Post subject: Re: College Woes
Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 2:42 pm 

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drop your most boring or least interesting class... Your "dysfunction" means you have to meet school on your own terms. Don't take more classes because that's what's expected or typical or whatever, take only a few. Try to coordinate which classes you take to relate to each other in a way ...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: Do you drink/smoke weed/do drugs in college?

Posted: 15 Apr 2017, 11:15 pm 

Replies: 11
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I tried smoking tobacco to see what the fuss was all about but it tastes horrible so couldn't do it. I never want to do weed. Do you know what "purple" tastes like? I thought it might taste something like grape, maybe, until I tried a strain of weed called "silver tip"... A supe...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: Do you drink/smoke weed/do drugs in college?

Posted: 15 Apr 2017, 10:52 pm 

Replies: 11
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I am a 4.0 student (so far, this is my 3rd term) and I very regularly consume marijuana. By "very regularly" I mean at least 5 or 6 bowls spread out throughout the day, regular. I am also an OMMP patient so the flowers I'm smoking are very "dank" ("loud" if you go with ...

 Forum: School and College Life   Topic: What are you studying?

 Post subject: Re: What are you studying?
Posted: 15 Apr 2017, 10:20 pm 

Replies: 119
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I'm studying "historical human error", so, a little of everything, basically (lol). Much of my focus is on Anthropology... perhaps my studies will become a whole new sub-discipline within the field. So far, I find assignments that are fundamentally hypothetical to be particularly difficult...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Ethics of Neutering

 Post subject: Re: Ethics of Neutering
Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 3:43 am 

Replies: 110
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a few links for all of you hard headed nitwits.... ... Passionate ... lings.html ... 0385a.html

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Ethics of Neutering

 Post subject: Re: Ethics of Neutering
Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 3:33 am 

Replies: 110
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If you can't or won't spay or neuter your pet, then you should not even be allowed to have one.:shameonyou: There are too many stray pets, many of them sick and suffering, and that is much more cruel and inhumane than a surgical procedure that will not make your pet fat and lazy. If anything they w...

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: anyone in portland, oregon area?

Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 3:24 am 

Replies: 3
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AnonymousAnonymous wrote:
Welcome to Wrong Planet from a fellow Portlander and fellow Aspie! :D

This town sucks and the people here suck. concrete sucks, all the noise and stink sucks. The people suck... did I mention that the people here suck? is what it is...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: What prescription meds work for Aspies?

Posted: 11 Mar 2017, 1:41 pm 

Replies: 15
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koreanamerican wrote:
I'm an aspie. I take ambien to help me sleep. I do take sertraline for anxiety/depression, doesn't seem to do much. There are plenty of choices. What do you try did it work?

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program - "pervasive neurological condition" ;)

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Aspies of the Pacific Northwest....UNITE :D!

Posted: 11 Mar 2017, 1:37 pm 

Replies: 605
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Crazyshy42 wrote:
I apologize for bumping an old thread, but I would like to contribute and hopefully make some new friends in the area. I live in the Willamette Valley kinda near Oregon City and I'm 19 female :)

Hey, I'm a student at CCC and looking for new friends...

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: Introducing, Nikki, from Southern Oregon

Posted: 11 Mar 2017, 1:34 pm 

Replies: 8
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Hi my name is Nikki , I have a 19 year old son, Trevor who was 3 going on 40, a junior egghead who walked out of Jurassic Park at age 5 because he couldn't stand the unrealistic hip placements on the dinosaurs. We didn't know about Asperger's and never even thought to have him tested because we wer...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Anyone feel you'll need A LOT to survive?

Posted: 11 Mar 2017, 1:18 pm 

Replies: 8
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my DD Services Coordinator says that I require a lot more support than my diagnosis will allow... :/ And, I'm blacksheep, I don't have any family... most of my allies over the years have been those who dominate, control, manipulate and exploit me for whatever they can get... typically not money but ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Best Cities for Asperger's?

 Post subject: Re:
Posted: 11 Mar 2017, 12:58 pm 

Replies: 43
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^wow. i'd have never guessed that. thanks, i've been thinking about going to college in Portland. Unless hes comparing it to somewhere else, id take that comparison with a grain of salt. I get where this is coming from, though. In these bohemian areas like Austin, Boulder, Portland, etc. you are ex...
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