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 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Facial Expressions Test

Posted: 22 Feb 2009, 11:28 pm 

Replies: 192
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You correctly identified % of the expressions. For each emotion expressed, your score is as follows: Joy: you correcly identified of 4 Fear: you correcly identified of 4 Disgust: you correcly identified of 4 Surprise: you correcly identified of 4 Anger: you correcly identified of 4 Sadness: you corr...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post an interesting fact about your state or province.

Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 7:00 pm 

Replies: 24
Views: 3,833

Pennsylvania is a leading coal-producing state and is the only state mining anthracite coal. And no mention of the PA coal industry is complete without mention of the Centralia Mine fire, which (1) has been burning since May 27, 1962 (2) could continue to burn for up to (possibly over) another 100 y...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Do you take long showers?

Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 6:51 pm 

Replies: 27
Views: 3,510

I can take long ones, and I greatly enjoy doing so. If it's morning and I need to get going, I can usually get it done in 15ish minutes. A long, hot shower or bath is a good time to relax and think, especially with some good music playing. Oops, I think I lied, I said I was going to bed in that "Goo...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: The good night thread.

Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 6:49 pm 

Replies: 597
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Goodnight everybody, and may all your dreams come true. (Well, it would make for a change.) Oi, but what if I have a nightmare? Oh well, good night I guess. Only 7:45PM, but it was a long day and I need to get up early (well, early for a Sunday) tomorrow for work... Dulces Sueños, Todo el mundo! (I...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Do you tell other people you have AS (or an ASD)?

Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 6:38 pm 

Replies: 56
Views: 5,320

Generally I don't tell people for no reason. If someone were to ask me, I'm not going to lie to them and say "No, I don't have it." I generally just assume they really don't care about it.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Posted: 05 Oct 2008, 7:42 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 1,334

I want to see that movie, sister and niece saw it last night and said it was awsome.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Shoelaces

Posted: 15 Sep 2008, 2:18 pm 

Replies: 34
Views: 4,834

Well it depends on who you ask. I was tying my shoes probably around the time most are, but my parents refused to accept it as tying because I was doing it their way(I used to do 2 bunny ears then wrap them around each other and go through the hole, they insist you make 1 ear, go around it, and make...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Hot chilli peppers? Are we sensory seeking?

Posted: 15 Sep 2008, 2:15 pm 

Replies: 45
Views: 5,392

Well, I don't really care for the taste of peppers, but I can am generally always trying hotter/spicier things. I also thrive on garlic and onions- to the point where I occasionally eat an onion like you would an apple.

 Forum: Off the Wall: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.   Topic: Last person to post wins.

Posted: 13 Sep 2008, 11:47 pm 

Replies: 79,534
Views: 3,147,062

Tim_Tex wrote:
I win yet again!

No, I win!

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What is your most common grammatical mistake?

Posted: 13 Sep 2008, 8:37 pm 

Replies: 28
Views: 2,783

most common mistake is with their/there/they're, probably could fix it if I proof read what I wrote, but I don't :P

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post a random fact about your room :-)

Posted: 12 Sep 2008, 8:22 pm 

Replies: 849
Views: 65,243

I keep a bunch of junk in my dresser, and all my clothes are in my closet/nightstand.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: All Cats have Asperger Syndrome

Posted: 08 Sep 2008, 5:20 pm 

Replies: 18
Views: 2,507

gbollard wrote:
It's absolutely the best book for explaining the condition - and you can read it in 30 minutes or less.

I have to agree, my mom found this book a while back and I thought it was cute.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Oddest thing done while taking a shower

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 6:58 pm 

Replies: 63
Views: 6,666

crackedpleasures wrote:
I wonder how many will answer the other -ating :)

I've masticated in the shower. Don't think I've done wierder then that.

Just incase you think it's a typo and are cringing at the thought:
Mastication or chewing is the process by which food is crushed and ground by teeth.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 6:48 pm 

Replies: 16
Views: 3,942

I agree with Orwell on this, I got the feeling Moon was almost "siding" with the autistics and saying that being different is better then being something you're not. Although I have never been the best at getting meanings out of books so I could be wrong.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Calling People on The Phone

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 6:46 pm 

Replies: 32
Views: 4,204

I don't hate talking on the phone... I despise it. I constantly ask my mom to call people for me because... well... I don't know why really, it's just I hate the phone. I think it is the spawn of the devil.

 Forum: Adolescent Autism Forum   Topic: Anybody about 15-16 wanna chat?

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 6:39 pm 

Replies: 21
Views: 3,585

I'm almost always up for a chat. I'm soon-to-be 16 (4 days :D) and diagnosed. Send me a PM if you want to chat. (Disclaimer- If I don't reply within a few days, I'm not ignoring you. I either don't have time to check WP or something else, most of the time this won't be a problem, as there is ALWAYS ...
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