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 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: Innapropriate staring and borderline stalking

Posted: 16 Jan 2009, 2:51 pm 

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And when you match up the world and hormones of an 11 year old with the emotional control of a 6 year old, this is what results. Yup, right now I'm living in a world of an impulsive 8-year-old inside the body of a 14-year-old. :? Fortunately he goes to a school specialized in higher needs kids, so ...

 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: Meds

Posted: 16 Jan 2009, 2:29 pm 

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Phosphatidyl Serine ... By the way, my son was pretty 20mins his life became calm after taking PS. Interesting. Is it always suppose to work that fast? I thought the idea was to do with moderating level of certain fats and/or a source for the lipids themselves (w...

 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: He has a good friend!

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 3:30 am 

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See lots of good advice here. Not sure about he blunt angle though. Pushing hard on people actively in denial (if she really is) is a high risk thing. I've actually gone through this before. How similar are they in behavior? If they have some similarity in symptoms, even if they aren't total matches...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: WHY NTs do things with conversation

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 2:55 am 

Replies: 13
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Already covered this. But to save the time searching and digging it out the posts, the short version: To broach issues of great sensitivity with plausible deniability, and easing the listener into the full weight of understanding. For reasons of kindness and/or self-interest (can be both nefarious a...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 1:32 am 

Replies: 17
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The doctor decided I had ADHD as opposed to just ADD.. though I'm not sure if there's a big difference between the two anyway. There is some difference but the split is not black and white, a mixture of traits/symptoms is pretty common. I actually "test" about 50/50 myself, with slight lean to ADHD...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 1:13 am 

Replies: 17
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My Dr. prescribes the Prozac also. She started me on 16 mg once a day because of the fact that I am also on Prozac. Good to hear. :) I don't know if it matters if you take Strattera the same time as Prozac or not. Because you do spike not that low after you take it and then it slowly lowers over th...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:57 am 

Replies: 17
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Is it best to take it in the morning or evening? I take my Prozac before I go to bed, and I don't seem to have any disturbances with my sleep, other than my nose stuffiing up becasue I have my cats all over my bed and I am allergic to them and also dessert cotton mouth because I can't breath throug...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:50 am 

Replies: 17
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I took it for about two weeks. At first it gave me cottonmouth and I was angry and irritable, and with no appetite [which was nice] but aside from that nothing. I know it's supposed to take a while but still, I do not have AD H D. Doctors are stupid. Adderall worked much better (and immediately) fo...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:45 am 

Replies: 17
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I am also on Prozac. Is Strattera a depressant?(opposite of prozac which is an antidepressant) Strattera is a norepinephrine/noradrenaline re-uptake blocker. It is a lot like an SSRI (which Prozac is) but on a different neuro-chemical. It was initially intended for use as an anti-depressant (and st...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:36 am 

Replies: 17
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Will it help to concentrate and finish things? Not have a two second memory? Not get distracted? Yeah, because without the meds you aren't making the decision about whether or not to get distracted. :) You might not notice it that way though, at first. You will get a choice to not wind your way off...

 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: I yelled at her today

 Post subject: Re: I yelled at her today
Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:29 am 

Replies: 13
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Will she forgive me? Am I an awful father? Yeah. Make sure to forgive yourself. :) Blowing steam happens, letting people know how you really feel happens. Been there. Beating yourself up over it won't do either of you good. P.S. How old? She might be growing out of her nap? It doesn't happen all at...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Strattera side effects?

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 12:02 am 

Replies: 17
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Whoa! Your Dr. didn't give you a rundown on this? Hrmm, OK. First, on the web this is the forum you want to check out: Lots of folks that will talk about what it was like for them and so on. Common symptoms are: Dry mouth (AKA cottonmouth) Vivid ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: So I went to a aspergers and autism support group today...

Posted: 12 Jan 2009, 9:41 am 

Replies: 34
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Age1600 wrote:
...first time the place got rescheduled at the last min...

Hahaha, seriously? That's like setting up an open bar for an AA meeting. I know it wasn't funny for you at the time but...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: The majority of people don't think for themselves...

Posted: 11 Jan 2009, 6:57 pm 

Replies: 33
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Anti-conformity is a form of conformity. Just saying ;) Fortunately, for my speed of culling their opinion noise from statements of substance, many self-identify by using words like "sheeple". I wish the rest that manage enough restraint in the moment to use real words when equating people to sheep...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: ABA/VB Therapy?

Posted: 11 Jan 2009, 10:56 am 

Replies: 23
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Within the realm of ABA material I think there is some interesting and useful practical advice about understanding basic teacher cause/student effect when working with autistic children. It can help taking the edges off behaviors that are huge roadblocks to progress of actual teaching them. However ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: How do I be normal....

 Post subject: Re: How do I be normal....
Posted: 11 Jan 2009, 3:24 am 

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How do I be just normal enough to not either push people away or make people hate me? That depends on exactly what you do that pushes them away. If you are having trouble figuring out what that is, ask them. Then listen VERY VERY hard, mull it over, try to figure out what the real essence is of wha...
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