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 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: 40% of autistic men are virgins, 32% have never had a bf/gf

Posted: Today, 1:21 am 

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Muse933277 wrote:
Most women are ignorant of male struggles
True that but to be fair, most men are ignorant of women struggles so both genders are even with their ignorance.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Life is too awful.

 Post subject: Re: Life is too awful.
Posted: Today, 12:53 am 

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I'm sorry. I know it can be very hard for others including some of our parents(like my mom) to understand & relate to our struggles. Me & my mom had LOTS of VERY BAD fights & we both cursed each other out numerous times. When I get angry, I start to go into meltdown mode & it's bette...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: [ POLL ] Common Core.

 Post subject: Re: [ POLL ] Common Core.
Posted: Yesterday, 12:02 pm 

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Education has been majorly underfunded in America for a long time. It's on purpose/by design. The USA doesn't lack funds. They drop $ SEVEN HUNDRED+ BILLSKY per YEAR on the military because the USA's priorities are to go to war and maintain geopolitical dominance. Little money is spent on educating...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Why can't we teach history as it happened ?

Posted: Yesterday, 8:40 am 

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In school, we were taught the lie that the signers of the Declaration of Independence founded America as a Christian nation in which everyone had the same rights and there was liberty and justice for all. In the public libraries, I found out the truth -- accounts that told of roughly two-thirds of ...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Autistic Functioning Level & Dating Success

Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 7:09 pm 

Replies: 74
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What is it with some guys not liking Asian women? Are they worried they will be prudish? It seems to me like guys tend to either have a fetish for how Asian women look or they are turned off by how Asian women look. Any more discussion about this should probably be in the Adult section. If someone ...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Afraid of Sex - What am I to do?

Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 6:20 pm 

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Well, here I am. I have a darling now, and yet, I still find myself afraid of sex. Why? 1) The fear of my condom breaking (I am a guy who does the safe stuff, for one thing), 2) The Supreme Court's recent decision (although I am in a Western state, won't say which one), and.... 3) Well, I'm in my m...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: The dating pool

 Post subject: Re: The dating pool
Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 4:44 pm 

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The 3 stories are all painting women in a negative light. There should 3 more stories that paint men in a negative light like a story about a woman being used for sex, a woman being physically abused, & another about a woman who's man a huge catfish like con-artist & got her into major finac...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: [ POLL ] Common Core.

 Post subject: Re: [ POLL ] Common Core.
Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 8:57 am 

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^^^I completely agree Isabella. Education has been majorly underfunded in America for a long time. There's a teacher shortage & the pandemic has made things a lot worse. Lots of teachers had problems with the sudden transition to teaching online. They did NOT have the training, guidelines, &...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: How many aspies have been in abusive relationships?

Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 4:01 am 

Replies: 46
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Then one day I had a talk with him, post-breakup, where he calmly and reasonably told me that he was much better now and the relationship had just been really toxic and I was a toxic influence on him and he was so glad I was out of his life. He may of been calmer at the time but he def was NOT bett...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: I had bizarre perversions and deviations as a child. Sick!

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 7:58 pm 

Replies: 159
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I "refresh" my old topic, because I want to know if I am (at least partially(?)) asexual due to "the lack of desire of sexual penetration" (like vaginal intercourse or anal penetration), lack of the interest in putting my penis inside someone's body or having the contact with so...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Got anything random to say? Adult Version

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 6:13 pm 

Replies: 19,090
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I think I woke my aunt up because of the noises I was trying to stifle when I came and now I want to f*****g cease to exist. :skull: Kill me. I hope she didn't say anything & just ignored it. I've been caught jerking off a lot by my parents since I did it aLOT. 1ce when I was in 7th grade I got...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: I miss wrongplanet members who bailed

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 5:54 pm 

Replies: 13
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I also miss a lot of the old members who left. IdahoRose was a real Sweet Pea. Tequila was controversial, which made his posts funny to read. Taupey was the mother figure of WP and she was very nurturing towards everybody. There was also a punk rocker from Scotland who was a bit of a Kinks Fan. I f...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Why SHOULD you have a child sooner rather than later ?

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 5:40 pm 

Replies: 109
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There's almost 7 billions people on the planet. At least 50% of all people now shouldn't have children; the world population should be halved pretty soon. The world's population never stopped rising after Covid started & the news would not shut up about all the many people who were dying from C...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Should my gf judge me based on these books I own?

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 7:13 am 

Replies: 42
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I think she is more concerned with the idea you might not genuinely like her, if you were reading that kind of stuff. Maybe it's made her self conscious that maybe you just see her as a 'pretty woman that you got into bed' than an individual person and partner you really care about, since some book...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: I miss wrongplanet members who bailed

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 6:34 am 

Replies: 13
Views: 344

On forums where I can actually keep track of people using the "people you follow" tool, I can see that someone I haven't seen in a while, has been active in threads I haven't read. I remember there was a thread titled something like What WP Members You Miss & sometimes people would po...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Autistic Functioning Level & Dating Success

Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 5:59 am 

Replies: 74
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Number 3 caught my interest, because in my experience in order to date or get sex, my friends would always say to me why do I keep going for women lower than my league. It's because I wanted to date or have sex, and going lower than my league is how I got it, but do a lot of other autistic people d...
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