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 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: How much is your electricity bill?

Posted: Today, 6:02 pm 

Replies: 62
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Up to 120USD per month is electricity alone. It's higher than rent. Also I'm not paying for it. Also it's not me in the house who's consuming it. I'm not the one with the habit of not closing the television while everyone's asleep, doesn't turn the lights off when not in use, doesn't turn the electr...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Rude by design

 Post subject: Re: Rude by design
Posted: Yesterday, 11:07 pm 

Replies: 5
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Words also the first thing that leaves me too. Mine affects both the expressive and the receptive sides of communication. It manifests less of like being rude, but more like playing fill in the blanks and charades. Finding words feels like diving into a disorganized clutter full of loose dictionary ...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Bad sinuses all night (do not read while eating)

Posted: Yesterday, 9:32 pm 

Replies: 29
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I deal with it for most of my life and never get used to it. It's my main source of sensory overwhelm, it's the main reason why I get sick at all, it's also my main source of bullying and social ridicule, it's my main source of literal headache and stress. To a point itself overshadows every problem...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Wrong Answers Only

 Post subject: Re: Wrong Answers Only
Posted: Yesterday, 7:09 pm 

Replies: 4,808
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The same reasons how a cow produces silk.

What does silica gel tastes like?

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What time is it now, where you are?

Posted: Yesterday, 10:13 am 

Replies: 15,096
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My work starts in 8 hours and 17 minutes.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Got Anything Random To Say

Posted: Yesterday, 10:09 am 

Replies: 117,155
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Wanting a female only gym.
It's not just me, really.

My mom wants it. My boss wants it. My cousins wants it. My coworkers wants it. My other boss' coworkers would want it. My friends wants it. My friends on Facebook wants it.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What made you anxious today?

Posted: Yesterday, 10:05 am 

Replies: 131
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My boss is pissed.

And I'm in my less reliable state.
Will be hectic all week again.

I guess just the idea of having to go to work just procrastinates me from going to sleep early!...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Things I Don't Get

 Post subject: Re: Things I Don't Get
Posted: Yesterday, 9:52 am 

Replies: 870
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Why I say irrelevant things that just pisses my boss off. I don't have ADHD. If impulsivity is a behavioral trait that I have, then it's egodystonic. Why I deny certain thoughts -- it's not like anyone's going to read my mind. It's not even harmful -- but it's painfully awkward maybe shameful. So wh...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Anyone here sensitive to extreme temperatures outside?

Posted: Yesterday, 9:37 am 

Replies: 9
Views: 355

Only that I'm more vulnerable to cold than an average person from the tropics. Sure, autism can explain sensory issues in a sense around intensity and lack of filtering. And yeah, upbringing can simply explain that one might not be good around cold. But my issues around cold is also mainly physical,...

 Forum: Health, Fitness, and Sports   Topic: Bad sinuses all night (do not read while eating)

Posted: Yesterday, 8:42 am 

Replies: 29
Views: 1,020

How about humidity and cold? If allergies alone cannot explain it, if antihistamines can't solve it. Mine just dwindled the whole week since I've brought a dehumidifier for my room. Unless I literally forgot to wear a jacket outside, or stay out past 8pm or so... I've yet to figure how to do that be...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Some people don't like wearing glasses socially

Posted: Yesterday, 6:22 am 

Replies: 42
Views: 918

Experience tells me it's the old stereotype. It can make someone look and feel old or something. Well, nerdy stereotypes doesn't exists here, but people-who-reads-a-lot does. Now it's actually screen addicted youth stereotype -- in my own case it's true. I don't actually like wearing glasses. Not so...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: How Can Decent People Behave Callously?

Posted: Yesterday, 6:01 am 

Replies: 44
Views: 1,773

Let's see... Ignorance, beliefs, upbringing, normalization, necessity, knowledge/skill/ability gaps, immaturity... One thing I add is actual lack of sympathy. Especially while being empathetic about it. At best, a form of concern concealed by some form of insult or whatever people's worst way of say...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Wrong Answers Only

 Post subject: Re: Wrong Answers Only
Posted: Yesterday, 5:27 am 

Replies: 4,808
Views: 53,399

It's the only day when the sun exists.

How many keys does one need to unlock a locked lock?

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's on your mind right now?

Posted: Yesterday, 4:42 am 

Replies: 35,883
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I barely finished the tasks I'm allowed to do this weekend.

Why did this job ended up having 6 work days a week? It wasn't like this before pandemic -- which then there are no work at weekends.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Aspergers & Routines

 Post subject: Re: Aspergers & Routines
Posted: 28 Jan 2023, 2:10 pm 

Replies: 10
Views: 362

I'm only autistic, yet I struggle with routines. It's very likely due to my upbringing. Try dealing with Filipino time -- the most literal form when time, even prompted, is not consistent with my own needs and is mostly changing, not just this mere stereotypical type of habitual lateness -- for most...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's on your mind right now?

Posted: 28 Jan 2023, 1:55 pm 

Replies: 35,883
Views: 835,385

Decided to wash my quilt like blanket tonight. It's still January. Despite the lack of ventilation and no electric fans, it's fricking cold. I cannot just sleep. I barely had and just had this short dream before my leg cramped on It's own for no reason and woke me up for good. Had this thin towel fo...
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