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 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Anything random to say about your crush/love/relationship?

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 9:31 am 

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got talking with some woman in irc, moved on to phone calls.

we seem to like each other so I'm visiting her country and staying with her over Christmas :D
both aspies btw so going to be weird in rl lol

from what she tells me we're pretty much identical in most aspie traits

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: Hello

 Post subject: Re: Hello
Posted: 27 Oct 2015, 6:44 pm 

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Welcome to Wrong planet.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: scale of -10 to +10, how do you feel right now?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 3:09 pm 

Replies: 33,522
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back up to +5 8O

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: scale of -10 to +10, how do you feel right now?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 10:32 am 

Replies: 33,522
Views: 1,620,356

about -5 :cry: almost feel like crying and hate my self for letting anxiety take over my thoughts and preventing me from possibly improving my situation a few days ago. Sometimes I don't know why I bother living other times I feel really content and happy with how I am even though I want to desperat...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: In one word, how do you feel right now?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 10:23 am 

Replies: 22,292
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 Forum: Art, Writing, and Music   Topic: what are you listening to THIS VERY SECOND?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 10:19 am 

Replies: 51,028
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Kind of a sad song but for some reason it makes me feel a bit happier when I'm feeling low and I love adeles voice she sounds amazing

 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: What are you playing right now?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 10:12 am 

Replies: 3,672
Views: 138,038

I've been playing a lot of fishing planet but more for the social side of the game than the actual game itself. seems to pass the time quickly hanging out on the official teamspeak server. Starting to think I'm getting bored of gaming though everything just feels the same like no one wants to take r...

 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: I find RPGs boring

 Post subject: Re: I find RPGs boring
Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 10:08 am 

Replies: 37
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I used to love RPG's but find them boring now too.
Loved skyrim but everything else since I just can't get into.

wish there was more japanese style RPG's for the pc :(

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: How does anxiety hamper your ability to connect with others?

Posted: 12 Sep 2015, 9:57 pm 

Replies: 28
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I hate my anxiety :( Someone from here offered to meet me and suggested today but instead I just wanted to think of reasons not to fearing the worst and decided we should probably try to get to know each other via private messaging first. But private messaging is too hard with someone you don't know...

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: The Hot Aspies Pictures and Chat Room

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 10:12 am 

Replies: 27,159
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small penis syndrome :P

just messing I work out a bit too for self confidence

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: How does a typical aspie dress?

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 9:00 am 

Replies: 153
Views: 9,616

tshirt+jeans for everything, even 70mile bike rides in the summer lol

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Do you go to social events by yourself?

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 8:57 am 

Replies: 29
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there's a boardgame group not far from where I live that's pretty much all adults. around 40 people go to most of the group meets. I'm dreading it but will force my self along to the next one. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I walk in the door, I'm convinced I will be unable to make friends...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Autism may arise from brain's response to early disturbances

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 8:47 am 

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My childhood seemed pretty normal, I have an older brother and sister, I used to play in the street with the other kids from a very young age like a totally normal up bringing. When I was probably about 2 years old I remember my mum taking me to one of her friends houses and I was playing with a fir...

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: a city/community to where people like us flock to?

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 8:41 am 

Replies: 32
Views: 2,026

Nambo wrote:
Write to Putin and suggest he could improve his image in the West if he sets up an Aspie state for us.

Which country should we suggest he invades in order to secure us a state :lol:

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: TV/Movie Portrayals of Autism/Asperger's

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 8:34 am 

Replies: 61
Views: 5,515

any of you watching the tv series "mr.robot" about a hacker with social anxiety ?

It's really good and the character reminds me of my self sometimes.

the actor is really good too

 Forum: Television, Film, and Video   Topic: Mr Robot

 Post subject: Re: Mr Robot
Posted: 13 Aug 2015, 6:11 am 

Replies: 23
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This tv series is so amazing! every episode just manages to top the last one as well. the guy playing Elliot is awesome and the character is so damn well written too all you people can relate to Elliot ? loved the moment in episode 8 yesterday where the woman says to elliot "why don't you say s...
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