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 Forum: Work and finding a Job   Topic: Interviews: Revealing your AS?

Posted: 01 Aug 2007, 5:42 pm 

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When asked about weaknesses, I mention a trait that may be related to AS. One example is: "I may become too focused on one aspect of a project until it is completed. But, generally this doesn't happen, and I certainly don't mind input from other team members when that happens." That's what I give t...

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Aspies do not get married or have children.

Posted: 25 Jul 2007, 9:48 pm 

Replies: 82
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In that case, I offer my sincerest apologies to the Yale researchers for my earlier remarks. I'd rather have this be a misunderstanding any day.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: True story....... or NOT!!

Posted: 25 Jul 2007, 9:27 pm 

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Great job! Mr. Holmes would be proud. I stopped sending any emails that tell me to pass the message on: instead I pass on passing the message.

An e-pal of mine told me about and I became a regular.

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: I'm new here

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 10:42 pm 

Replies: 11
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Glad you found WP. If you're having specific job issues, you can post them or scan the existing threads. This crowd is not very bashful about expressing opinions or sharing information.

Have fun.

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: *Stumbles up to the microphone*

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 10:33 pm 

Replies: 12
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Welcome to the fun place.

Foot in mouth? This is the Toejammer's Ball. Eat up.

As for sarcasm, nobody here knows what that is. This could be a great learning experience for everyone. :D

Enjoy (bwa-ha-ha).

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Aspies do not get married or have children.

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 10:21 pm 

Replies: 82
Views: 10,226

I'm glad I never married and had children. Aside from the AS, I had other issues that would have made me a poor husband and father. Still, I fell in love three times. One was a Queen B---h. the other two were angels and I still miss them. These three women were the only people I liked to hug and cud...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: USA Today story on adults with AS.

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 10:09 pm 

Replies: 44
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Ok, if Aspies don't marry and form close relationships, and AS has a genetic cause, WHERE ARE WE ALL COMING FROM?!?!?!?

Also, how does one conduct a scientific study with one's head lodged inside their rectum? Does Yale have special resources for that?

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer! (ASPIE STYLE!)

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 9:56 pm 

Replies: 3,903
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Because the road mouthed off at it.

What color is Superman's underwear?

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: Yet another newbie

Posted: 23 Jul 2007, 10:28 pm 

Replies: 11
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Welcome to WP, Ken. That's pretty gutsy, working as a bartender. I spent 50 years with AS before I found out. Talk about clues! But without a framework to put them in, and people insisting we "try harder" to be normal, how would we know?

Have fun here.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: im being sued by aspies for freedom

Posted: 22 Jul 2007, 1:12 pm 

Replies: 55
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If they try to sue you over no more than this, it's predatory prosecution. They and their lawyer can go to jail and pay a fine over that. Also, you can countersue to recoup your legal fees plus a punitive award.

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Annoyed with Parents and people that I can't relate to.

Posted: 22 Jul 2007, 1:06 pm 

Replies: 12
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The negative thoughts may be because they're getting on your last nerve. I notice when someone tries to start a conversation with me and I'm not interested, they end up asking question after question until I cut them off and walk away. They won't take no for an answer. You may need some space betwee...
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