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 Forum: Art, Writing, and Music   Topic: Arranging Books

 Post subject: Re: Arranging Books
Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 12:02 pm 

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Books. I like books. But there is one problem with books. They are heavy. Most of the book cabinets on the market seem to be very flimsy. Many are made of pressed wood. And they bend under weight. I hate that. When I built my home, I created a built- in bookcases. They were made from 2x12 lumber. Th...

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: Just joined. Sup.

 Post subject: Re: Just joined. Sup.
Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 11:38 am 

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Welcome to Wrong Planet!

 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: New Here

 Post subject: Re: New Here
Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 11:36 am 

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Welcome to Wrong Planet!

 Forum: Off the Wall: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.   Topic: Count from -1362 to +2870 by increments of 2.3

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 11:35 am 

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Now if RoadRatt entered 478.0, then the next number in the sequence would be:


 Forum: Getting to know each other   Topic: Establishing first contact... hello WP!

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:57 pm 

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Welcome to Wrong Planet! I've been obsessed over the asymmetry of my face and it's been driving me insane. My face is a little asymmetric also. My nose is a little crooked. I figured that my face collided with someones fist during my school years and my nose broke a little as a result. But I don't o...

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: I’m not doing so great

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:50 pm 

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I am not sure where you live, but I am guessing the U.K. I have a niece that served in the Peace Corp for a couple years. After that she went and lived in a type of commune in Ireland. It was out in the countryside. The people that lived there suffered from a variety of conditions like Down Syndrom,...

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: COVID vaccines

 Post subject: Re: COVID vaccines
Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:34 pm 

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When a person enters a nursing home, many times they are at deaths door. What is happening in Norway at the moment is that they are vaccinating the oldest and frailest individuals and a few are dying. But many of these old and frail individuals are dying even without receiving the vaccine. IMHO, th...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Why do I constantly remember being bullied?

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 5:36 pm 

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Bullying is very common for Aspies. And it causes great psychological harm. The term teasing and bullying are terms developed to protect the abusers. They minimize the offense. A more accurate phrase is cruel and relentless torture. In adult society, the terms used are physical abuse, psychological ...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Emergence of a Deadly Coronavirus

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 5:14 pm 

Replies: 7,295
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Here is the latest updates: Progress of COVID inoculations According to the coronavirus vaccine tracker, the U.S. has now administered 12.28 million vaccine doses. Globally 35.79 million vaccinate doses have been given with the U.S., China and U.K. in the top three positions. The U.S. and China are ...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Suit - Police killed autistic teen by sitting on him

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 11:18 am 

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Generally there are two sides to every story. So what is the other side? "While the Sheriff's Office understands that all deaths are cause for sadness and a time for grieving, this lawsuit is rife with false claims and malicious accusations against the first responding deputies. "This cas...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Advice:Disclosing daughter's diagnosis to friends and family

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:52 am 

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I'm leaning towards keeping the diagnosis to only those who need to know. Sounds like a good plan. I have 2 daughters. Both had some Aspie traits. I raised them how I was raised and they turned out fine. One is a medical doctor today and the other has a degree in Biomedical Engineering. So here is ...

 Forum: Off the Wall: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.   Topic: Count from -1362 to +2870 by increments of 2.3

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:34 am 

Replies: 806
Views: 14,577


 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Emergence of a Deadly Coronavirus

Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 10:10 am 

Replies: 7,295
Views: 114,551

Lockdowns Across Europe Here are the measures in place in the European Union’s 27 member nations and some neighboring countries: Austria : In a third lockdown. Leaving home only allowed for work, medical visits, exercise, groceries. No overnight curfew. Belgium : 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in French-...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Coronavirus Recall

 Post subject: Coronavirus Recall
Posted: 16 Jan 2021, 9:52 am 

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Three samples of ice cream from a Chinese company tested positive for COVID-19, and thousands of boxes of the dessert have been confiscated as a result. Officials believe the coronavirus was able to survive in the ice cream due to the cold temperature and was likely transferred from a person who had...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Emergence of a Deadly Coronavirus

Posted: 15 Jan 2021, 6:22 pm 

Replies: 7,295
Views: 114,551

Texas is the First State to Administer Over 1 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine Texas was one of the first states to allow all residents 65 and older to receive the first dose of the vaccine and at the same time Texas opened up 28 mass vaccination centers that could administer upwards of 4,000 j...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What rocks/gems/minerals do you like?

Posted: 15 Jan 2021, 5:49 pm 

Replies: 23
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I like fossils.
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