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 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Touch sensory issues - what bugs you the MOST?

Posted: 13 Sep 2012, 1:53 pm 

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I agree with many of these things (especially Jell-O and runny eggs *shudder*), and would like to add anything stuck in my teeth, hair in my face, eyelashes that are stuck together, and dry lips.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: I don't stim. Does stimming help?

Posted: 12 Sep 2012, 1:20 pm 

Replies: 31
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When I was a child I used to pull out my hair one strand at a time, and pick at my scalp (no lasting damage, luckily). I also used to squirm around all the time. Now I fiddle with whatever's in my hands and crack my knuckles, but it doesn't seem to be enough. I always feel tense and stressed out, an...

 Forum: Bipolar, Tourettes, Schizophrenia, and other Psychological Conditions   Topic: Bipolar/Aspergers support and chat thread

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 2:15 pm 

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I just wanted to make a presence here because I've been diagnosed with Bipolar II and am in the process of getting an Asperger's diagnosis. I also have Tourette's Syndrome. Life is hard for me, though no one around me seems to realize it. :(

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: I dont want to be kissed!

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 2:12 pm 

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Greb wrote:
Tell him that you'd like to go directly to sex, with no kissing preliminars. He'll surely understand :mrgreen:

I tried that with my husband, and he still wants the kisses. :?

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: AS / NT partnership resources

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 2:06 pm 

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There's a book called "22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants her Partner to Know" by Rudy can search Amazon for it, since I'm not allowed to post a link. It's not an online source, but I thought it was a helpful book...especially if I could get my husband to read it. :roll: I...
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