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 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Is it really the media?

 Post subject: Re: Is it really the media?
Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 3:30 am 

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At my appointment with my shrink today, I came to realize what the primary reason I do not have a GF (again, that may change) and my social problems. 1) The media in the U.S. today tends to sensationalize more on the negative; which in turn....... 2) .....results in many females being fearful of so...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Who is against a cure for Aspergers?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 3:15 am 

Replies: 117
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Are any of you who are against a cure getting government aid, such as housing vouxcher , or SSI? If so, shame on you, do you want to be a drain on society, don't you want to be a productive member of society? I personally don't care if I'm a drain on society. If that's what I have to do in order to...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Can people with asperger's syndrome have a favorite color?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 3:13 am 

Replies: 90
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Not me. I like a combo of colors black and yellow, red and black, orange and black. Maybe it's the contrast of colors or the blending of colors. I like the way the green pine trees look against the colbolt blue skies of Colorado. I need a point of reference when dealing with things of this nature. M...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Do you ever cry when watching TV/a film? Is this empathy?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 2:59 am 

Replies: 46
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No I do not. I remember when I was 5 went in to a haunted house I got scared but then my brother took me back in and told me it was fake. I then watched the Frankenstein repeatedly sit up and lie back down. After that nothing phased me that was fiction. Then a couple years later I learn about death ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Who is against a cure for Aspergers?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 2:40 am 

Replies: 117
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A so called cure would mean no more ME. As for the 1st question so far more males are for as opposed to females.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Do you interact oddly with objects in external environments?

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:45 pm 

Replies: 15
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Well I would grab the sign and put it on the srap alum. pile.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: How do you feel about emotionally needy people?

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:39 pm 

Replies: 31
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I was torn between 1 and 2. Sometimes I do try to help but alot of the time I feel like get away from me.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Girl freaked out for no reason!! !!

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:26 pm 

Replies: 30
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Don't worry about it. People do strange thing all the time.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Doctors won't give me an Aspergers test!

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:17 pm 

Replies: 16
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Get another doc.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: This gave me a good laugh

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:05 pm 

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 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Smoker of Cigarettes or Non Smoker ?

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 9:02 pm 

Replies: 32
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yep just lit one :wall: want to quit

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Do you say things that you think are fine but NTs diagree?

Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 6:51 am 

Replies: 16
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Yes all the time I have been told I have the tact of a sledgehammer.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Snow and autism- do you hate snow?

Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 6:44 am 

Replies: 97
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The reflected light hurts my eyes. I don't like the other drivers. Helps with the fire danger. Every thing is quiet. The stores are empty :D It's fun to play with the Jeep in :twisted: . Makes the mountains look pretty. No bears or bugs.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: How tied are you to your current location?

Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 6:33 am 

Replies: 14
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It's the only place cheap enough for my size family. The mountains are to nice and lack people. Moving sux.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Inkblot Test

Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 6:19 am 

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1-4 spilled ink
5 resembled a winged insect
6-10 spilled ink
Took 3-4 of these tests every year in elementary school. See the same thing now that I did then.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: 'Underachievement' in school

Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 6:00 am 

Replies: 43
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Always heard you don't apply your self. I don't know how to study but I always did very well on tests. I failed not because of my test score but in spite of them.
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