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 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Overcoming Fear of Driving

Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 9:22 pm 

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Really like this post! I’d firmly made my mind up NOT to ever drive, as my older sister took many attempts to get hers, then when she did, had many accidents that affected me, as her passenger. At 26yrs, I needed a licence though for work, and had just 3 months to get it. Thankfully, I did get it fi...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Professor commits suicide

Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 8:58 pm 

Replies: 87
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Totally agree with kk. It was clear that Professor Adams “had a history of 'spewing misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist rhetoric'.” Clearly he had his own issues and was fragile. Sad that he took his own life. Universities and all schools need appropriate role models for their ...

 Forum: Art, Writing, and Music   Topic: Paints.

 Post subject: Re: Paints.
Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 8:16 pm 

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Revell is sold in most UK model shops, along with Humbrol. It’s also in Hobby stores, Ebay, Amazon etc.

 Forum: Art, Writing, and Music   Topic: Paints.

 Post subject: Re: Paints.
Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 8:01 pm 

Replies: 4
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I’d be using Revell(US brand) as artists paints aren’t suitable for your models.

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Imagine you are the last human on Earth.

Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 7:16 pm 

Replies: 69
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I would live by the sea, foraging, sewing(my main creative outlet), swimming in the sea, reading … exploring. If I was unaware that I was the last person remaining, I might leave messages in places I visit, in case “others” are out there needing help. I’d also be doing what I do now, growing fresh f...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Two Brain Theory

 Post subject: Re: Two Brain Theory
Posted: 20 Jan 2022, 9:50 pm 

Replies: 203
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So good to see you back, jimmy! Now that was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing. I lost my mother to a stroke when I was 4 years of age(my Mother was 32years and had a baby of 18mths (a total of 6 children) and I remember it vividly, as I’d been sitting on her lap. Strokes have taken quite a nu...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Do all toddlers have echolalia?

Posted: 20 Jan 2022, 8:49 pm 

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Hey Joe - All children experience echolalia when they learn spoken language. Most develop independent thought as they age, but some continue to repeat what they hear. Children with communication disabilities hold on to echoed expressions much longer.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: What was your developmental history like?

Posted: 20 Jan 2022, 7:43 pm 

Replies: 54
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Hi Lisa - my youngest son was diagnosed at the age of 5yrs, and was severely autistic. He too lost words and regressed(due to the school environment … I wound up needing to home educate him, after trying public and private school settings.) He’s now living independently, composes, sings, plays piano...

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Damaged car unsure what to do stressing out

Posted: 20 Dec 2021, 9:29 pm 

Replies: 23
Views: 819

Angel, I soo feel your pain as I did the same thing a few years ago now! I couldn’t believe what I’d done, as never before have I done any damage that was my fault before. Usually cars slide into mine in the snow! I had been given Prozac to trial and wasn’t warned about driving, but clearly my spaci...

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Friends scaring me about pursuing medicine

Posted: 01 Dec 2021, 3:05 am 

Replies: 7
Views: 238

Behind you 100%, Iv! Exciting plan, and from what I understand, you certainly have the intelligence! All the best! Very admirable! In Aus, the Nursing I studied was intense and the dropout rate was high. Had to get a 985 score at Secondary back then to go into Medicine.

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: How difficult has this life been for you?

Posted: 01 Dec 2021, 2:53 am 

Replies: 15
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Thanks so much for sharing, Sharon. Glad to hear you have a positive outlook, in spite of all the challenges. Know what you mean about the GAD going unrealised for a long while. You’ve had a very tough time. X

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: my sister matriculated to the next world.

Posted: 01 Dec 2021, 2:44 am 

Replies: 55
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So sorry to hear, dear AB. May she rest in peace.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Wouldn't constant noise make one suicidal?

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 8:50 pm 

Replies: 21
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Some people seem to be better able to tune noise out than others. Take tinnitus, for example … I’ve learned to tune it out, until someone mentions the word “tinnitus” and their experience of it. Then, I hear mine, loud and clear. If noise is ever bothering me, if I’m able to, I’ll remove myself from...

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: How difficult has this life been for you?

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 5:52 pm 

Replies: 15
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Just wondering how difficult you’d rate your life so far on a scale of 1-10, and importantly, whether or not you have managed to maintain a positive view of what comes next?

I ask this as someone who has seriously been through it, but who still has hope of a better future.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's on your mind right now?

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 5:45 pm 

Replies: 34,733
Views: 781,084

A new life and where it might take me. Feeling positive in a very difficult time.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: I know I have to sleep but I don't want the dreams.

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 5:37 pm 

Replies: 5
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Sorry to hear, Sweetleaf! Been there. The bulk of my dreams always involve me being hunted down to be harmed, or not being able to find my way home. I’m sleeping better than I have in a good while lately, which might have something to do with me finally taking control of my life … big changes, but s...
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