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 Forum: Parents' Discussion   Topic: Values You Have/Would Want To Give/Want To Pass On

Posted: 13 Sep 2005, 9:43 pm 

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Interesting, because unconsciously, I think about this one a lot. I sometimes think that with all the books and movies I collect I am creating some sort of legacy for my children. I would want to share with them the things that have inspired my own imagination when I was younger. Plastic soldiers, d...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post something nice about the person that posted above you.

Posted: 13 Sep 2005, 9:24 pm 

Replies: 1,420
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Archmage, obviously, is an expert on the thaumaturgical arts.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Think out Loud?

Posted: 13 Sep 2005, 9:23 pm 

Replies: 15
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Well, I wouldnl't say that I think out loud, but sometimes my lips move when there's no sound coming out. Anyone else do this?

 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: D&D

Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 12:35 am 

Replies: 25
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I am a jaded D&D player who inhabits the realms of the bygone era of AD&D 2nd edition (no 3e for me, thanks), particularly in the Planescape setting. Currently, I run a slow-moving RPG in that setting over at I also play computer RPGs, which can give me a real sen...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post something nice about the person that posted above you.

Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 12:27 am 

Replies: 1,420
Views: 72,216

Antigone is caring mom who knows a lot about birds. Thagomizer has an interesting avatar; what is it Thagomizer? A rhino horn with spikes on it? Your name is also interesting, as I never heard anything like it before. My avatar is the tail of a Stegosaurus. The term "Thagomizer" is now a genuine ana...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: how many friends do you have?

Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 12:04 am 

Replies: 104
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speeding_bullet wrote:
how many friends do you guys have?
Hmm... it's about here where I start to ask, "Well does this mean deep friendships or acquaintances?" So I'm picky about that. But if I add them up, not counting the significant other . . .

I have about eight friends that I can count on. I think.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post something nice about the person that posted above you.

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 9:16 pm 

Replies: 1,420
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Namiko is smart, thoughtful, and has a cool avatar.

 Forum: Adult Autism Issues   Topic: Escorts (Note: this post is NOT spam)

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 9:09 pm 

Replies: 172
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Yes, I have considered hiring an escort. And I had the opportunity to do so. It happened over the course of a few days whilst my parents were out of the house and I had the opportunity to invite over a female friend whom I thought was interested in me in the romantic sense. Well, it turns out she wa...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: How many times a day do you say to yourself: "I hate Bu

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 8:37 pm 

Replies: 112
Views: 8,189

If we lived in ancient times, Bush would be one of those rulers who would declare himself a god and order his subjects to worship him.

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Inappropriate Laughter

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 8:34 pm 

Replies: 96
Views: 10,359

Some of my most intense laughter occurs at inappropriate moments. I laugh simply remembering funny little in jokes my friends and I ihave said to each other, and I laugh even harder the more I "replay" these memories in my head. I once tried to make some of my fellow students crack by reminding them...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Enneagram

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 7:53 pm 

Replies: 26
Views: 2,471

I had long thought myself a type 4 or 4w5, but this test tells me otherwise: 9 52 I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy. 5 47 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy. 1 40 I must be perfect and good to be happy. 4 39 I must avoid painful feelings to be happy. 6 37 I mu...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Some People Really Shouldn't Think

Posted: 08 Sep 2005, 2:39 pm 

Replies: 26
Views: 3,410

I believe intellectual stimulation is the only way to True Happiness, and those who would deny the fact are that much closer to our piggy friends than our fellow intellectuals. This is one of the biggest crock of BS I've ever heard. I encourage tireless intellectualism, of course, but it is not the...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Pets?

Posted: 07 Sep 2005, 4:25 pm 

Replies: 97
Views: 11,623

I'm very fond of rats and other small mammals, but they die too quickly. Newts, on the other hand, endure until the end of time. I have three: Molly-- Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt ( Cynops pyrrhogaster ) that is probably female Angillas-- Mandarin Newt ( Tylototriton shanjing ) And an unnamed (I got l...

 Forum: Social Skills and Making Friends   Topic: Introducing yourself to opposite sex

Posted: 07 Sep 2005, 3:35 pm 

Replies: 14
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A common interest is good advice. But here's a little secret I didn't learn until a few months ago: The key to getting into a relationship with a girl is NOT trying to get into a relationship. Sounds paradoxical, but there you go. This doesn't mean you have to act indifferent, but just don't be too ...

 Forum: Art, Writing, and Music   Topic: DeviantART?

Posted: 07 Sep 2005, 3:24 pm 

Replies: 25
Views: 2,729

Obviously, I frequent DA too:

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: Why do girls want cocky, arrogant guys?

Posted: 07 Sep 2005, 2:51 pm 

Replies: 454
Views: 69,764

I happen to like a quieter, more thoughtful, introspetcive, and intellectual sort of guy, and I'm willing to shop out of my age bracket to get one. I cannot tell you just how much criticism, ridicule, and outright laughter I've received from other women on the sorts of men that I find appealing (me...
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