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 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: The Joys of Being Single

Posted: 20 Feb 2022, 12:38 pm 

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I stayed up last night for a bit and blasted some music in the living room. I listened to the same few songs over and over. And I could because no one was watching tv or listening to their own need for me to hide in headphones to avoid bothering anyone with my noise. I love listening to...

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: Publicity for WP?

 Post subject: Re: Publicity for WP?
Posted: 20 Feb 2022, 12:10 pm 

Replies: 17
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It might attract both good members and trolls, but my concern would be something else. How comfortable would anyone here really feel with posting personal issues if this site trended often? I mean, sure we're using nicks and so, but I would be more awkward about it if I knew it would be a higher pro...

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: Autistic students kicked out of store - Staples apologizes

Posted: 20 Feb 2022, 12:02 pm 

Replies: 7
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How well-behaved were the students? Did they obstruct movement of other patrons? How busy was the store? How long were they in the store? That was my first questions as well. They're important questions. Whether or not Staples had anything to apologize for depends on the answers to those. The fact ...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Heard any good jokes lately?

Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 2:28 pm 

Replies: 21
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An atheist resident on a small island in the Highlands of Scotland, obtained planning permission to build a pub next door to the Presbyterian church. This enraged the congregation, so every evening they gathered to pray that the good Lord in His wisdom and mercy would never permit the pub to open. T...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Heard any good jokes lately?

Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 2:27 pm 

Replies: 21
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"I can't sleep in this storm," complained my wife.
I said "try counting fence panels jumping over the sheep."

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: PPR GIFs, cartoons, jokes, funny pictures, etc.

Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 11:42 am 

Replies: 5,418
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 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Trudeau flees as first 1,000 Trucks Arrive in Ottawa

Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 11:38 am 

Replies: 675
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Why Canada let this tin foil hatters go on like they did is beyond me. The moment they started blockading and disrupting, the authorities should have fought fire with fire and used force against them. We've heard enough of the ant-vaxx, anti-mandates crap the last 2 years to last us several life tim...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Fungi aren't plants.

 Post subject: Re: Fungi aren't plants.
Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 11:09 am 

Replies: 15
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Yeah, fungi are now classified as their own kingdom. It's interesting how the understanding of life and lifeforms have changed over the centuries. Currently there are 7 kingdoms of life, 5 are eukaryotes and 2 prokaryotes.

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: How you were raised vs. your current beliefs...

Posted: 17 Feb 2022, 10:32 pm 

Replies: 50
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Luckily I was raised secularly, religion played no part in my life at all. Nothing has changed.
I wasn't raised particularly politically, and though we share some but not all values, my parent and I don't vote the same at all - when we even do.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post something that made you LAUGH today!

Posted: 11 Feb 2022, 2:57 pm 

Replies: 629
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Fredrik Solvang's IG post about him forgetting his shoes on yesterday's program. I watched it but didn't even notice. He's so funny and cool

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Is Britain mad for dropping all restrictions ?

Posted: 11 Feb 2022, 2:10 pm 

Replies: 15
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How about deliberately crippling our own ability to provide affordable energy, risking sending us halfway back towards the Stone Age within a few decades? That's a problem all over Europe at this point. Here in Norway we have the highest energy prices ever, while mass exporting our clean hydroelect...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Am I the only Aspie out there who belevies in a God?

Posted: 11 Feb 2022, 2:01 pm 

Replies: 130
Views: 16,249

I'm an atheist, and grew up in a secular home. Learning about religion in school felt like being forced to accept the delusions of a schizophrenic. Still does. Society should be 100% secular. Religious views are people's personal problems private life, and should not impact society at large at all, ...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Why do we believe in conspiracy theories ?

Posted: 11 Feb 2022, 1:50 pm 

Replies: 33
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Why Do We Believe In Conspiracy Theories ?
WE don't.
A few crazies do.

Why? No idea.

 Forum: Bipolar, Tourettes, Schizophrenia, and other Psychological Conditions   Topic: ADHD Spectrum Test

 Post subject: Re: ADHD Spectrum Test
Posted: 09 Feb 2022, 3:24 am 

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 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Shows you enjoyed on Netflix

Posted: 04 Feb 2022, 4:38 am 

Replies: 3
Views: 530

Outer Banks
Jurassic Camp
Stranger Things
Into the Night
The Dragon Quest movie

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Anyone got a magic 8 ball to shake??

Posted: 02 Feb 2022, 6:41 am 

Replies: 34
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Doberdoofus wrote:
For future reference

Woo-hoo, I tried it and got the answer I hoped on my first attempt! If the Magic 8-Ball says it will be so, it certain will. :lol:
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