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 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Trump Organization CFO sentenced

Posted: 14 Jan 2023, 7:41 am 

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Two problems:

Weisselberg has not turned on Trump, the person.

1.6 million for the Trump organization is about the same as 25c for the rest of us.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Procrastination/lack of focus.

Posted: 14 Jan 2023, 7:35 am 

Replies: 39
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I recently read something about autistic inertia…this seems to be a real thing. It struck home with me so hard I have blocked everything I read.

I had a demanding schedule of various activities through most of my life.

Recently I’ve notice an increasing tendency to spend time unproductively.

 Forum: Love and Dating   Topic: What happens when you give someone too much?

Posted: 14 Jan 2023, 7:27 am 

Replies: 5
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In a healthy relationships the spoons are given back and forth freely, sometimes shared simultaneously, sometimes unequally. It sounds like you are out of spoons. Sometimes we do give until we are out of spoons. As difficult as it is now, you can replenish your spoon supply. It is not easy. It takes...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's on your mind right now?

Posted: 14 Jan 2023, 7:13 am 

Replies: 35,882
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Working on acceptance.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Dear "You"...From "Me"-Letters Unsent

Posted: 13 Jan 2023, 7:02 pm 

Replies: 4,681
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Dear Friend TDF, You are familiar, of course, of comforting orphaned children with the vision that the missing one is sitting in heaven looking down on the child and sending love and care. That has never appealed to me, but I find myself sitting on the ground, under the mango tree, next to your bifo...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Got Anything Random To Say

Posted: 13 Jan 2023, 2:41 pm 

Replies: 117,143
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I am feeling defeated.

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Trump Georgia grand jury sends findings to D.A.

Posted: 10 Jan 2023, 6:31 am 

Replies: 72
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We’re all holding our breath to see if he gets charged. :D

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: A Green Comet Will Appear for the First Time in 50,000 Years

Posted: 10 Jan 2023, 6:21 am 

Replies: 4
Views: 359

Very interesting, AA. Thanks for posting. I will try to see it.

The last comet I saw was Hayley’s. Viewing it on two different nights and seeing its position change relative to the background stars gave me a real gut-based perception of the universe.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Is it worth it anymore?

 Post subject: Re: Is it worth it anymore?
Posted: 09 Jan 2023, 7:02 pm 

Replies: 5
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If you are asking could you be so successful and still be autistic? The answer is yes.

Knowing one is autistic is helpful to get accommodations and to help you figure your own work-arounds.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Inner child

 Post subject: Re: Inner child
Posted: 09 Jan 2023, 6:57 pm 

Replies: 8
Views: 198

About 30 years ago there were lectures and programs and retreats about one’s inner child. For those subjected to trauma as a child, it was posited that wounded child still exists within the adult and that the adult can learn how to protect and heal the inner child. Google John Bradshaw. Buddhist mon...

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Condolences for Kortie

 Post subject: Re: Condolences for Kortie
Posted: 08 Jan 2023, 6:13 pm 

Replies: 52
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I’m so sorry, Kortie. I’m holding you in the Light.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's something you've done that most people haven't?

Posted: 06 Jan 2023, 7:24 pm 

Replies: 145
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/\ I always hoped to see one when I lived near the Louisiana border but I never did.They are there , but not as many. That was over thirty years ago, I think they are more plentiful now because we have opened a hunting season for them. :cry: I always wanted a moat with a pet one.haha I will have to...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's something you've done that most people haven't?

Posted: 06 Jan 2023, 6:54 am 

Replies: 145
Views: 1,904

Misslizard wrote:
/\Noodling? :lol:

I never knew what that was until I met my husband. I didn’t believe him, but he showed me pictures.

Alligators are so common here, I forget they are exotic to others. You can see them sunning on a canal bank when driving your car.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's something you've done that most people haven't?

Posted: 05 Jan 2023, 6:42 pm 

Replies: 145
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Misslizard wrote:
/\Awesome !

Which? And thanks.

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: The Death Penalty Has Become My Morality Litmus Test

Posted: 05 Jan 2023, 6:40 pm 

Replies: 16
Views: 643

The death penalty is neither humane nor civilized. If you start with the assumption that human life is of value, then intentional murder by the state is unconscionable. Certainly there are some people who do not believe human life has value, but I don’t want them making decisions that affect other l...

 Forum: In-Depth Adult Life Discussion   Topic: Quick question for those over 60

Posted: 03 Jan 2023, 8:45 pm 

Replies: 8
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Upon consideration, I’d say that when I make a faux pas of the NT sort, people are likely to see me as a batty old lady, rather than weird. So, yes, getting older does give NTs another option. They can make the assumption your problems are due to age, rather than autism, which they would just see as...
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