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 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: Hot flashes

 Post subject: Re: Hot flashes
Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 4:44 pm 

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Oh, how cute... and functional. :D

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Alcohol and Autism

 Post subject: Re: Alcohol and Autism
Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 10:34 am 

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I am very sensitive, and learned early that alcohol impacted me quickly and negatively (I don't generally like the loss of control and it upsets my stomach). I was a teetotaler until during a decade-long medical hardship, two doctors(!) told me to drink. I tried it out in moderation: I have one smal...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Weaknesses or strengths?

Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 10:26 am 

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I would say it's a difference. In some situations (quick) it's a difficulty and in other situations (quality) it's a strength. My therapist says I focus on parts (what studies currently call "weak central coherence theory") and then when I get to the whole ---which I do eventually---, I ca...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Processing Delay

 Post subject: Re: Processing Delay
Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 10:07 am 

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^^ NT responses like that are illogical to me. If you say you have a high IQ - good for you! I might feel sorry for myself relative to that area (which is my problem), but not offended. ---I have a friend who mentions her MBA at any chance. I see this as her wanting it to gain recognition and respec...

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: Hot flashes

 Post subject: Re: Hot flashes
Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 9:30 am 

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A "usb fan" --- I am imagining a little fan that plugs into the computer. Yes, no? Also could be used in the car or any power outlet with a usb adapter. Temperature regulation. I wonder that it degrades with age, much less with other conditions such as you mentioned. My 8yo must have very ...

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: Hot flashes

 Post subject: Re: Hot flashes
Posted: 10 Jun 2022, 5:53 pm 

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So sorry for the discomfort, and lack of company for the misery. I read a book on menopause and it manifests differently in different cultures. Are the differences genetic and/or cultural? Some cultures don't even have a word for a hot flash. Menopause is in some cultures is associated instead with ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Not being handled much as a child.

Posted: 09 Jun 2022, 8:30 pm 

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Case study: (1) My AS mother also caressed and massaged me and told me she loved me. (2) My AS BFF's AS parents never touched her nor told her they loved her. I think it depends in part on upbringing, personality and self-awareness/improvement. I am an AS mother. My AS daughter avoids touch, but enj...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Emotional Regulation

 Post subject: Re: Emotional Regulation
Posted: 06 Jun 2022, 6:17 pm 

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I completely relate. I like what you did with the boxes. In lieu of apologizing, you could thank the person. "I know I reacted very strongly, thank you for...." My therapist advises I can also say "I'm working on it..." Therapy and tools have helped me. I am just now teaching my ...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Have you come back from a "first impression deficit"?

Posted: 06 Jun 2022, 6:07 pm 

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Except it's in the court of NT social norms, such as it is :roll: Exactly that. IMHO there typically isn't sufficient context. Stranger shuns me: is it because of my high energy, is it because I'm not wearing make up, is it because I talked for over 30 second or under 5 seconds, is it because I loo...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Have you come back from a "first impression deficit"?

Posted: 05 Jun 2022, 2:23 pm 

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The "getting to know me" is very important. If a person won't do that - it's game over for that relationship. I get friends and jobs and opportunities from people who I see repeatedly and get to know me. This is why classes, contracting and volunteering have led to my employment, b/c (NT) ...

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: Makeup

 Post subject: Re: Makeup
Posted: 03 Jun 2022, 8:17 pm 

Replies: 28
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Not on a daily basis. If I want to make a better impression for NTs: concealer under my eyes. Next step is subtle lipstick. It's a big deal when I take out the eyeliner. I haven't worn mascara or blush in well over 5 years. When I was younger, I wore makeup more often. As a teenager I was into eye s...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Fear of f***ing things up- a question

Posted: 02 Jun 2022, 7:18 pm 

Replies: 18
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Well, I do have a tendency to do really well or do fantastically awful (and not much in between). So it's not such much a fear as fact for me. :twisted: The trick for me is to embrace the F up's.

 Forum: Women's Discussion   Topic: Shaving legs

 Post subject: Re: Shaving legs
Posted: 01 Jun 2022, 11:55 pm 

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I no longer shave my legs. I am in the US, mid life and blonde. I was teased when I was younger and more regularly shaved (or other hair removal). I have not had anyone pick on my recently although the standard in my region is for women to shave. Kids comment on my facial hair and a friend privately...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: You may be ADHD if...

 Post subject: Re: You may be ADHD if...
Posted: 31 May 2022, 6:06 pm 

Replies: 40
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... today a co-worker asked you why some papers were left by the filing cabinet and you ask "are they W's?" with the small inkling that you walked away from an in-progress task and forgot to return, and the co-worker answers "yes".

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Feeling like an inconvenience to ppl?

Posted: 28 May 2022, 10:05 am 

Replies: 12
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OP, for sure. I'm learning to "own it". To more or less project "I know I am different. I'm ok with that. Your turn to decide." The only way I "fit" in was to be quiet, or too desperately accommodate others. Now I'm looking for folks who are like-minded or able to mutua...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Looking racially ambiguous with Asperger's

Posted: 25 May 2022, 2:25 pm 

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My husband is indigenous to his native country and is a nationalized immigrant in my native country. He's spent half his life in each. He is of both worlds which has pros and cons. His adopted and his native languages are both imperfect and yet he speaks more language than many people in both countr...
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