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 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: LA mass shooting suspect kills 10 near Lunar New Year fest

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 11:34 am 

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72 yr old jealous man that killed cuz he wasnt invited to dancing like his wife and possibly domestic dispute too Case closed , as i suspected not hate crime The Independent - Live Updates What happened at the second location in Alhambra? Around 20 minutes after the first shooting, investigators be...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Shreveport, Louisiana residential mass shooting

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 11:12 am 

Replies: 2
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IsabellaLinton wrote:
What the heck, ASP.

How many mass shootings were there today?


Sad part is I probably miss most of them.

Saturday Night, the wee hours of Sunday morning are probably a prime time for all types of violence.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Hate it sometimes when younger people mock older people

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 11:05 am 

Replies: 13
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It's problematic, but I get it. Think of how long millennials were the punching bag of older folks. Stop whining. Gen Z has caught way more crap, plenty of it from your generation. If they'd like to be respected they gotta behave respectably. You were saying. Seriously, ageism is one of the last ac...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: I'm Bleeding Out of my Ear

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 9:43 am 

Replies: 5
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You may have ruptured an eardrum. Please see a medical person who can examine your ear and do not stick any more tips into it. That bad? I'm looking that up :? 8O Ok. You're right, that could be why. I used to get frequent ear infections as a kid, so I thought it was just an infection. But before i...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Feeling politically adrift, lately

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 9:04 am 

Replies: 49
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What all of this proves is that if you have met one autistic person you have met one autistic person, if you have met one queer person, you have met one queer person etc. Like the OP most people become less progressive/more conservative as they age. Mine has been the opposite. In my teen and young a...

 Forum: Politics, Philosophy, and Religion   Topic: Saudi Arabia’s very rapid social change

Posted: 23 Jan 2023, 8:30 am 

Replies: 21
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naturalplastic wrote:
So...this new crowned prince is...a bastard who murders journalists with hacksaws, but...makes all of these great reforms too?

That is it.

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Damar Hamlin attends first game since collapse

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:43 pm 

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CBS Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin attended Sunday's playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals, his first game since he collapsed on the field earlier this month. The Bills posted a video on Twitter of Hamlin donning sunglasses, a hoodie and a puffer jacket as he was driven by security to the ...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Shreveport, Louisiana residential mass shooting

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:35 pm 

Replies: 2
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5 adults, 3 children shot in Shreveport residence Eight people — five adults and three children — in a Shreveport residence were shot Sunday afternoon. Four are in critical condition. Those include a 3-year-old boy who was shot in his chest and a woman who was shot in the eye. Two other adults also...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Nightclub mass shooting

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:27 pm 

Replies: 1
Views: 189

A dozen people are wounded in an early morning Louisiana nightclub shooting Gunfire erupted inside a Louisiana night club early Sunday, wounding 12 people in yet another U.S. mass shooting, authorities said. The bloodshed at Dior Bar & Lounge in Baton Rouge unfolded at about 1:36 a.m. CT, polic...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: LA mass shooting suspect kills 10 near Lunar New Year fest

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:20 pm 

Replies: 14
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Monterey Park mass shooting: Suspected gunman identified, confirmed dead by LASD The suspect in a shooting in Monterey Park, California, that left 10 dead and another 10 wounded has died, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said Sunday. The suspect, identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, died o...

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: Life for Israelis with disabilities is a well-kept secret

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 12:55 pm 

Replies: 0
Views: 247

Jewish News Syndicate Much has been written about the new Israeli government’s proposed changes to Israel’s immigration laws. This principally concerns the Law of Return, which grants Israeli citizenship to anyone with one Jewish grandparent. But less attention has been given to another change in a...

 Forum: Autism Politics, Activism, and Media Representation   Topic: Casual use of diagnostic conditions

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 11:14 am 

Replies: 0
Views: 244

I Don’t Mind if You Say You Have ‘a Little OCD’ - Maia Szalavitz for the New York Times Maia Szalavitz is a contributing Opinion writer and the author, most recently, of “Undoing Drugs: How Harm Reduction Is Changing the Future of Drugs and Addiction.” I‌‌t’s become common for people to use diagnos...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: 1 Dead, Trooper shot - Atlanta area envirnmental protest

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:59 am 

Replies: 3
Views: 211

Downtown Atlanta protest turns into riot, six arrested, police say What started as a peaceful protest against the death of a Georgia-based activist took a violent turn in downtown Atlanta Saturday evening when people began throwing bricks at buildings and setting fire to police vehicles. In a joint...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: LA mass shooting suspect kills 10 near Lunar New Year fest

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:44 am 

Replies: 14
Views: 377

AP A gunman killed 10 people and wounded 10 others at a Los Angeles-area ballroom dance club following a Lunar New Year celebration, setting off a manhunt for the suspect in the fifth mass killing in the U.S. this month. Capt. Andrew Meyer of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said Sunday that th...

 Forum: News and Current Events   Topic: Nancy Pelosi’s husband hospitalized after assault at home

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 10:36 am 

Replies: 151
Views: 3,525

EXORCISM IN SF TOWNHOUSE Nancy Pelosi tried to excommunicate evil spirits from her San Francisco townhouse after the vicious attack on her husband in October. The former House Speaker and her daughter, Alexandra, sat down with the New York Times and made a stunning admission about holding their own...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Have YOU been accused of microaggressions??

Posted: 21 Jan 2023, 11:18 pm 

Replies: 145
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Dengashinobi wrote:
ASPartOfMe wrote:
Dengashinobi wrote:
ASPartOfMe wrote:
I would call it insensitivity.


Because it is being insensitive to the other person.

Sorry ASPartOfMe, now I got it. There was a glitch in my logic there. :oops:
Better late than never.

Always better late than ever and I have more than a few glitches in my logic. :D
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