Parents' Discussion

This forum is for discussing the various issues related to parenting children with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

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Love and Dating

Whether you're a smooth-talking Adonis or a lonely heart, this forum can be used for discussing relationships and romance.

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The Haven

For those times when you're feeling blue and need to get a little help from your friends. Discuss all those issues that are not covered by the other forums in the Coping in life category.

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Social Skills and Making Friends

Having Autism means you may not have great social skills, but that doesn't mean you can't learn them! Discuss friendship and social skills here!

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School and College Life

How is life at school? Talk about anything from grades, to classmates to your favorite subjects. Whether you dislike or enjoy school this is for you.

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Work and finding a Job

When you grow up you'll be put in a container called a cubicle. The bleak oppressiveness will warp your spine and destroy your capacity to feel joy. Luckily you'll have a boss like me to motivate you with something called fear. Discuss work and your job in this forum!

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Health, Fitness, and Sports

Do you have a healthy diet? Are you a tennis pro or is trying to find photographs of Anna Kournikova the extent of your interest in sports? Can you bench press? Do you know the meaning of pain? How many pushups can you do? Drop and give me 50...

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