How to get around asinine 2wire "Success" message

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26 Feb 2014, 10:43 am

My 2wire goes down from time to time (sometimes several times a day), and if I go to a website and it gets redirected to the 2wire page, and then the 2wire comes back up, and I try to go to that specific website again, I get the following message:

Resolution Successful
The error has been successfully resolved. Please close down your browser and restart it to continue browsing online.

I can go to other websites, but for a time I am blocked by my own gosh darn router from visiting that website that had been redirected to the 2wire page unless I close my browser. Here's the problem, however, I sometimes have several tabs open, so it is very inconvenient to restart my browser. I also find that if I stick it out, like by going to several other websites and then back to the website I originally tried to go to that had been redirected to the 2wire page, I can often successfully go on.

The thing, though, is I don't wanna have to deal with this. Why does it do this? It seems like the most asinine, babying thing that tries to prevent disaster, I guess, in a corner case, but other than that, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to annoy. I suppose that if 2wire starts going down a lot, they want to annoy you with this message so that you will buy a new router, thereby making AT&T more money.

I tried deleting the history, but that doesn't work. I'm not sure what mechanism 2wire uses to impose this state upon a user. I would like to circumvent it, however, because the current state of affairs has become increasingly less acceptable to me.

Has anyone else dealt with this problem and, if so, how?

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27 Feb 2014, 2:04 pm

Get a router you can install DD-WRT on.

I had a Linksys WRT54GL, and stock software it worked all the time. I bought an Asus 'N' router, installed DD-WRT, and it gives me zero problems other than the blue LEDs being ferociously too bright.

Its not kids play to install DD-WRT but take your time and follow the instructions - you are an Aspie, of course you can follow instructions.

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