Beautiful Game Theory Conversation (Peterson / Sapolsky)

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25 Oct 2023, 6:39 pm

This is a really nice conversation about Darwinian game theory, and what I like about it most is they're weighing the over/under accurately in terms of mutability, discussing (particularly with Sapolsky's studies of baboons) how fixed or mutable various types of game theoretic behavior is, and it sounds like there are situations where pro-social norms can crop up even among baboons however Sapolsky also highlights the fragility in terms of different random ways that both pro-social and anti-social norms can come to an end.

What I like about this dialog also - Peterson asks a lot of great questions, does offer a lot of his standard inquiry into Old Testament metaphors and they seem relatively in place. I'd also add that a lot of people talk about old vs. new Peterson (pre and post-Klonopin emergency) and say he's gotten a bit crazy, nah - I can still pan for gold in what he's saying just fine and this is a good example.

Run-time: 1:45:36

Psychologist Talks to Top Primatologist | Robert Sapolsky | EP 390

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