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16 Feb 2024, 10:05 am

But of a weird question.

I have this old HP laptop that i want to use. I'm trying to install the latest Linux Mint using a live USB.

The issue I'm having is that i can't get the installer to see the ssd in the laptop. It only sees the USB drive I'm bootingb from.

I've been googling and i think it's something to do with the Sata mode the laptop is using.

It seems that when you install Windows 10 it installs in Raid mode regardless of whether you have more than one hdd. It seems that the linux installer needs the sata mode to be Acpi in order for Linux to recognise the drive.

All the websites I've read say you can change the sata mode in bios. I swear to god my bios has no such setting. I'm not sure if some settings are hidden for some reason but I've never seen a bios as basic as the one I'm seeing here. Very few changeable settings.

I thought maybe if i switched out the hard drive for another one that didn't have Windows on it, that might work. But no. I put in an ssd that had manjaro on it (which i can boot into) but that isn't seen either.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm not that experienced with linux but I'm not a total noob, i used to use mint quite a bit and always liked it. I just always seen to run into these 'unsolvable' problems whenever i try linux.

Nothing I've googled has helped.

Secureboot is off btw.

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