Trouble with Linux users/Teaching a class on linux next year

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08 Apr 2008, 6:33 pm

I like Linux and all for it being free software and being so customizable. However i`m not so friendly about the people who use it. The question is who to teach students how to use linux w/o coming down on them like a [email protected]$$ like what i had to put up with when i was learning the basics of Linux? Heres the Reasons why i may ask that listed below.

Not to be a Bias or anything but these or the excuses why people use Linux. `` Its harder to use than Windows"". Are they saying they are smarter than everyone else just because they can use a different Operating system other than Windows or OSX.

Secondly i hate it how everyone in the linux relam have a bias against windows users. Using Windows doesn`t mean your a newbie at Programming. It just means thats the operating system of your choice and want to get right to your programming after a fresh install. Not mess around with scripts for several hours just to make things work. Spend several more hours finding Adobe Flash Player based programs or other programs that give you functionality.

If you have the time to mess with linux thats fine.[I know i Love messing around with linux.] However many programmers and Tech Coordinaters[Which i was and might be one again next school year.] don`t have to time to mess around with.


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09 Apr 2008, 6:02 am

I do not use Linux because it is harder but because it is more user-friendly. It allows me to get things done instead of constantly getting in my way. I guess this is how I grew up, IT-wise and I respect the right of others to have other preferences, but I do most things from the konsole or yakuake because it is faster for me.

I also trust Linux a lot more than a system with a tendency to send data to mother MS.

Not all Winnies are newbs, but lots of Winnies are. I guess if people never encountered someone who really does know his stuff, they doubt these exist. If people see every day lusers, who don't know what a right click is or what to do if the task bar is at another location, they do extrapolate unfairly.

My biggest problem with Windows is however another one: you can not set the font size to a readable level as normal user. Ie: even if I wanted to use windows, I normally can't.

I am not a native speaker. Please contact me if I made grammatical mistakes in the posting above.

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09 Apr 2008, 6:51 am

LFS. That'll keep 'em occupied for a while. Although, honestly, maturity just happens. Some people are wise for their years and some remain complete dicks for most of their life. I say provide an engaging environment and a hand, then let that situation sort itself out.


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09 Apr 2008, 10:29 am

Reasons for using Linux:
It's free (Future updates and versions are free, 99.9% of applications for it are also free)
If you just browse the internet, use messengers, listen to music, any of the simple things it's great.
If you're a nerd and like to play in the terminal like me. :P
Even has some things that Windows and Mac OS X users couldn't even dream of having (Compiz Fusion).

Ubuntu is on 3 of my computers, and if you're curious on my main computer, I use Mac OS X on a 94GB partition and a heavily stripped down Vista (only 300MB, really!) on a 26GB partition for gaming. (most things work natively on OS X now of course, and if they don't I use vmware to run things like the software to update my Zune or I can reboot to play games and such)