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16 Dec 2011, 10:41 pm

I just finished all 40 episodes of it and I must say: I love it!

Unfortunately, a majority of people do not agree with me and say it is a terrible Kamen Rider adaptation. Now, I must admit that I have not seen Kamen Rider, but just basing it on the show alone, I think it is quite decent. I guess sometimes adding in the stock footage is a bit choppy and people have pointed out how they can see the original Japanese actor who played the main character, but I seem to tolerate this a little more than most people for some reason. To make up for this, they seemed to have dressed Dex like him with the white jacket.

I guess what I love about this series though, is just the fact that Dex is just so memorable (and also kind of hot too...) he has such a unique personality that I can relate to. Being an alien, he often feels like a foreigner on another planet and often acts out of place with some of his quirks he has including reciting TV commercials he has seen on TV, having a huge passion for bugs, taking things way too literally, and just being overall geeky.

As someone with Asperger's, I can't help but laugh because a lot of the things he does, I could see myself doing those things as well. His relationship with his younger adopted brother (did I mention that the family he lives with adopted not only him, but two other kids as well, a girl named Molly about his age and a little black kid named Albie who is about eight. Their mother is Asian and has a catering buisiness and his father has a hobby of hunting aliens.) reminds me of my relationship with my own brother.

Plus Ferbis is cute, some people think he is a bit annoying, but he reminds me of my border terrier and how she likes to eat and wants to go everywhere and just always seems to get into trouble.

I don't know though, has anybody heard of his show? I love this show and I wish it would have caught on with more people. It is surprising because my mom remembers seeing a commercial of it on TV back in the 90s and people talking about their kids watching it. I never heard about this show until a few months ago and I wish I had.


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17 Dec 2011, 6:35 pm

I remember watching this show years ago on GMTV Saturdays and Sundays and the summer holidays. It was a spin off of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I even have some of the toys including that talking car. Unlike Power Rangers though it was never really a show I wanted to revisit, because it was never really that popular. I remember the background music on the show was later reused on other Saban Fox Kids shows like Princess Sissi and Digimon. I remember that the bike was voiced by the actor who played Skull on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.