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12 Mar 2012, 4:43 pm

Hello, You may have heard of rumor of S Club 7 reforming this year. They were a pop band, created by American Idol creator Simon Fuller that were around from 1999 to 2003 when they disbanded. They had 4 tv shows and a movie. If they do reform, I think Simon Fuller should consider Making an S Club 7 cartoon in order to introduce the next generation to S Club 7. If he does make one here is what i think it should be like.
-It will be titled S Club 7 Forever
- The members of S Club 7 will voice themselves in the Cartoon (Of course)
- It should have guest stars like David And Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Spice Girls, Will Young, Past American Idol contestants, American Idol crew, Lewis Hamilton and many more people associated with Simon Fullers XIX Entertainment to voice themselves.
-The Chief character designer will be Jeff Matsuda who was the Cheif Character designer for Jackie Chan Adventures and The Batman. I think Jeff Matsuda's character designs and storyboarding would work well with an S Club 7 Cartoon, much better than It did with Batman. Simon Fuller would do no better than recruiting tha animation team that brought The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures to make the S Club 7 Cartoon.
-Its Cheif writers will include Kim Fuller, Paul Alexander and Duane Capizzi
-Produced by Simon Fullers XIX Entertainment
-It will Air on Disney XD in America

What do you think about the idea?