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02 Aug 2022, 12:50 pm

I never bought the comics but I like the movies.

Something I noticed with the first avenger movie is that they punch each other but there are usually no consequences.

This makes it very boring. Imagine a lightsaber fight where there is no damage done and no political changes due to the fight, it would be boring.

I did like Infinity War though. Thanos punched Hulk and seemed to cause some damage , it showed how powerful he was and progressed the story. As Hulk had to be snatched away to warn earth.

When Vision got taken apart very easily in Infinity War it was annoying because in the Ultron movie he was setup as practically invincible.
The whole superhero Avenger team had great trouble dealing with Ultron, I havent seen the movie in a while but I think vision was stronger than Ultron because he was made specifically to deal with him.
So you'd think that Vision is as strong as the whole avengers put together.

But then Captain America who is just a person injected with a serum puts up more of a fight against Thanos than vision :roll:

Infinity War and Endgame seem to fix the issue of boring fights, I can't remember each fight but they didnt bore or annoy me, with the exception of vision as described above.

Has anyone read the comics to compare?

Another annoying thing is that some marvel characters are just normal people with guns, ie black widow and Hawkeye.
A technologically advanced alien army can come to earth but they are stopped by black widow's pistol and hawkeye's doesnt seem right.
I would have preferred a female superhero to be in the avengers who had legit powers so she wouldnt seem ridiculous . Like She-Hulk for example.