Netflix’s new Avatar the last airbender makes no sense

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06 Apr 2024, 11:36 am

The thing is, Avatar the last Airbender and the legend of Korra didn’t need ANY « wokenization »; it was pretty ahead of its time when it comes to strong female characters.


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06 Apr 2024, 5:38 pm

Follows some precedence from Asian cinema where strong female characters capable of martial arts acting medieval times have been inserted usually in the form of a peasant or servant girl, concubine or princess (usually one of those).

In the Netflix series "Marco Polo" the strongest female lead was a Chinese concubine of a Mongol warlord who was also the most feared assassin in all of China. This was later tried again in casting for the current Shogun series where a servant girl was tasked with assassination of John Blackthorne had skills to take out 10 fully trained samurai.