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Elyas Crimson
Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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18 Jun 2024, 5:31 pm

Good morning, noon or night as it takes you.

Just joined, wanted to say hi but also fantastic job to the mods/regular posters. I wouldn’t normally even do this much, but the people here seem great. So fab work, and enjoy your lives if we don’t meet again :D


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18 Jun 2024, 6:16 pm

welcome, glad you found us!


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18 Jun 2024, 7:20 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! I hope you like it here.

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He/him (or anything, I don't really care)
Feel free to PM me--I like to talk about most things other than sports.

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18 Jun 2024, 7:28 pm

Welcome to WP! I hope you become a regular visitor.

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18 Jun 2024, 9:48 pm

Hello and welcome. Yep there are some cool folks around here. Feel free to get to know some


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19 Jun 2024, 2:32 am

Welcome to Wrong Planet!

jimmy m

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19 Jun 2024, 8:59 am

Welcome to Wrong Planet.

Since there wasn't much in your introduction, I thought I would dig a little deeper. First of all:

You have Asperger's Syndrome (an Aspie). So in other words your are also like me.
You are a student architect, and your interests are fantasy books, strategy games, architecture life.

Then I began to look at your other post thus far:

One was a number game (Count by sixes).
I like numbers. For example, the square of 9,999,999,999 is 99,999,999,980,000,000,001

In another message you began talking about Elon Musk, at least that is who I think you are referring to. You wrote:

The “futuristic” design and sci fi optimism of SpaceX, Starlink and the other projects are what I like most about the man. That said, his either arrogant lying/incompetence to not recognise we can’t sustain them is the reason I don’t like him.
And really, if he knows every component in a Tesla, he’s probably not incompetent.

Interesting. Elon Musk is an Aspie. He learned something rather interesting. In general, male Aspies are loners. But they can also work as a team, a very, very smart team. All you have to do is get them together and form a group. That is the secret of his success. It is not just Elon Musk but it is all the brilliant people who work with him. He grew a large empire of very gifted people. But then he realized that some of his friends, some of the groups that used the brilliant inventions of him and his team were only out for piles and piles of gold. So he moved his headquarters out of California and began to reshape himself and his company. As a result, the people who once supported him have identified him as an ENEMY NUMBER 1. So perhaps you might dig deeper and deeper into Elon Musk.

Your fourth thread was interesting. You tried to answer a question, Are You Happy With Your Life.
You responded:

As the others have said, no. However I think that the question does lead to this answer- there is always something more our monkey brains “want”, whether it’s a new pencil or a meaningful relationship.
I am happy with what I have been doing with my life and am proud of the steps I have taken lately, which is perhaps more the true question which was being asked.
Happy tidings on your travels, stranger

That is a real good answer. We are children of the night. The most important thing you can learn is Believe in Yourself. You have unique capabilities. Learn what they are. Other Aspies also have unique skills. We are all different. But together we can move mountains.

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21 Jun 2024, 1:26 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :)

Silly NTs, I have Aspergers, and having Aspergers is gr-r-reat!


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21 Jun 2024, 1:28 pm

Welcome to the Wrong Planet, Elyas! I hope you enjoy your time here, and find a good spot for yourself :heart: ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ

With feral regards,